..aaaaand he's back

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by sunxstone, Apr 11, 2010.

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    Cranky, arguing, leaving things (poopy pants on the floor. Paper towel covered in butter on the counter, instead of the trash can 18 inches behind him. Toys strewn all over the actual street in our cul de sac) laying around then getting mad when I ask him to pick them up.

    He passes the dirty clothes hamper on his way out the bathroom door.. He picked the pants up, balled them up and shoved them in the opposite corner of the bathroom, then *passed* the hamper on the way out. He used up more energy and effort to *not* do what I asked than it would have to just have tossed them in the hamper!

    He makes me tired..
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    I know how very frustrating it can be. Same goes on in my house hold. Currently frustrated with my difficult child for not finishing his room at all. Seems like he doesn't care if he can't play with his friends outside who keep knocking on my door every 20 minutes to ask if he's done yet (another annoyance for another thread, the friends knocking on my door every 20 minutes drives me bat poo coo coo).

    Will it ever end?
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    I read in an earlier thread that your difficult child started risperdal; it's the one medication that helps my wm. Saying that, now is the time for the hard work. Once a bit of stabilization comes into play the "habits", if you will, of GFGdom need to be worked on.

    Just because the medications work doesn't mean the negative behaviors will just disappear. The hard work begins when the right combo of medications is found; then a difficult child must start to comply, to the best of the ability, to the norms of society.
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    He's throwing a tantrum now because I won't give him chips until he finishes the ramen he wanted. He ate half of it, then claimed it was "too hot". Sorry, kiddo, it doesn't get *hotter* the longer it sits there.

    He comes in every ten minutes or so and starts over.

    Weekends are always like this, though..
  5. Andy

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    It's nice to know he has the potential.

    It's frustrating to know he has the potential when he doesn't live up to it.

    Just like potty training, one step forward, two steps back. Keep working on it. Those days of behaving well were new to him and he probably got worn out working so hard. He slipped back into old habits. Continue to provide opportunities for him to succeed and some day he will again.
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    It sounds so frustrating but I'm right there with you.