Aaaarggh! My cousin's nurses!!!! Jumping though hoops

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    What is there NOT to understand about this?

    I asked that a psychiatric evaluation be given to P for memory and cognition issues.

    She (a nurse practitioner) went in a wk ago and I found out by accident. (P aced the test. Go figure.)

    The nurse is telling the dr to take P off of Ativan because it's addictive, and putting her on Abilify, which is supposedly not addictive.
    So I asked the head nurse for a family meeting. She said the nurse's schedule was difficult so it would depend on her.

    I said fine, just let me know when I should be there for the mtng.

    Next thing I know, today, the one day out of a month when I decide to take a nap, one of the nurses called and left a msg on the ph. to tell me I had to hightail it over there because the nurse practitioner was visiting P.

    I called as soon as I got the msg, at 4:15. The nurse said the other nurse had already left because they couldn't get a hold of me.

    I asked when that was. She said she came to the desk and they put a call in to me. I asked when that was. She said that since I wasn't there, she didn't even go in the room. I asked when that was.

    My god, I thought it was bad dealing with-difficult child. Does EVERYBODY have something wrong with-them?

    She finally said 3:15.

    I then asked which nurse practitioner--the one who did the psychiatric test?

    "I don't know. I'm not sure. I can't read her name here." (I'm supposed to rush over there but you don't know who I'm mtng with or why?)

    So, I called the head nurse.
    She was out, so I left a msg with-her associate, Barbara, and told her there was a misunderstanding because I knew that it would be hard to get a hold of the nurse practitioner but I thought it meant we would set up a mtng on a day she's in the bldg. IOW, SET UP A MTNG. :mad:

    Barbara said that's difficult because "sometimes, she just shows up."
    I said, "That's very bad. That's not going to work. We need a day of the week, and then we can narrow it to morning or afternoon."

    She wrote it down and said she'd tell the head nurse.
    And these people graduated from college?

    P.S. husband says to get used to it. I'd rather stick an Xacto knife in my eye.:faint:
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    Your are telling me that a nurse practitioner is coming into this facility and they don't know her name and won't let YOU contact her directly? Whoa.... I think I would take a mass of post it notes and paper the room, bed, patient with Call me if you are the nurse practitioner and you can read these....... and a nurse is dictating changes in medications? Not that I doubt the changes, but if you can't talk to this person and there is no regular schedule and no one knows who she/he is, how can you trust this information????????????????
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    I had a nice chat with-the head nurse a few min ago. She knows who this person is. :)
    No one took her advice to change from Ativan to Abilify ... it was in the notes but not on an order. Glad we cleared that up.
    A new psychiatric dr is joining the group and will be able to review the file and participate. Don't know when that will be.
    I suggested Effexor. NO Prozac or Zoloft, because P gets tension headaches and migraines.
    The head nurse will tell the dr asst our conversation and after the ortho appointment today, I will know more.
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    Hi I'm Usha. New to this forum. Saw your profile. It matches mine. I am 51 years old with an 18 year old daughter who we adopted when she was around seven. She is dissociaitve and shows signs of emerging borderline personality disorder. We are looking for good treatment centers in the US. Would appreciate any inputs on seeking treatmnet for attachment issues and disociation in the States.

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