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    Okay, for those of you keeping up with the Kanga drama, we had her transferred on Tuesday to the psychiatric unit of a major hospital so that she could get some neurological testing. Their neurologist has "cleared" her and says that she doesn't need it. Kanga's therapist talked to the hospital psychiatrist and expressed her displeasure. I spoke with the case manager (who was also the intake nurse) and told her I was very aggravated because prior to transferring Kanga to their hospital I called her and told her that the point of the transfer was to get this testing done and that I should have been told that they may not do it. I would have found another hospital to take her.

    I also found out that despite being given the exact list of testing to complete for the neuropsychologist at the last psychiatric hospital - they didn't do the right tests! Now the current psychiatric hospital won't do them as an inpatient!! So, our grant application is delayed - AGAIN.

    So, I am going down on Monday for a family session and to hopefully set a few butts on fire. Kanga's therapist is going to try and get approval to "visit" Kanga and complete the pysch testing.

    I continue to live in terror that they are going to discharge her...

    (Oh, and did I mention that I was at my doctor's today and I have pnemonia.)

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    Oh I so feel for you. Sending lots of good vibes that these people get their head out of their behinds.

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    JJJ, I'm pulling out my hair for you!!! Good gravy! She's already there, do the testing and get it over with! ARRRRGH! Honestly, sometimes I wonder about common sense. Certainly they've heard of the grant and they *must* understand what is at stake here.


    I know you'll get it worked out, I *know* you will. You're a fabulous advocate and a smart mom. I'm just so sorry that staff at various places can't do what they say they will. Incredibly frustrating.

    In the meantime - please take care of you!! Hope you're on some heavy duty antibiotics and will have the chance to get some rest. I will cross my fingers that tomorrow won't be a snow day for you and that Tigger will happily work independently so you can get some recuperation in.

    Hang in there!!
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    3J, I wouldn't know what to say or do if I were you. Other than you need to do what you can to slow it down a notch and get yourself healthy! Is husband stepping up his role a notch to help you out? Obviously, someone on the other end of this dropped the ball when they allowed Kanga to be admitted for Neuro consult without a guarantee that it would be done. You need to be in top form to deal with these nincompoops! I hope that you are able to take care of yourself and get better!
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    How incredibly frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm sorry you are dealing with all of this-and on top of that being sick-double yuck!:wornout:Hugs.
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    Triple J,

    How incredibly stupid! I can't believe after all the checking & double checking you did to get Kanga transfered this kind of incompetency is being dumped on your shoulders. As Sue said - where is the common sense? Let's just get this done!

    In the meantime, what can you do to get the rest your body is telling you that you need? Can husband pick up & go on with this while you recuperate? Is there someone who can screen calls for you today while you sleep & wake you for important calls & such?

    Just thinking off the top of my head right now - you need to rest & get better.

    Sending positive healing thoughts your way. :flower:
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    Beth - Thanks for the good vibes
    Sue - You jinxed me. It is a snow day!! Luckily, my younger three usually play very well together so I don't think it will be too rough (fingers crossed)
    Witzend - husband has been great. He has taken time of work when I needed him to and has generally been very helpful and supportive.
    Wiped Out - double yuck is right!
    Linda - I agree it seems that none of the MDs have a lick of common sense and are all snowed by Kanga. The nurse/therapist told me yesterday that Kanga is "doing very well". I explained that, no, she was compliant to unit rules, that didn't mean she was doing well.

    I've got to spend a few hours on the computer today for work and then I'm going to go curl up at a friends house this evening just to get away from it all (doctor has assured me that I am not contagious! and these new medications are awesome, I slept through the night and haven't coughed in hours!)
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    Oh good gracious :mad: just do the darn tests already. I always say they should err on the side of doing too many tests than not doing enough. If the tests show nothing new there's no harm, and if they do give you something then it could be very valuable in getting her the right help she needs and you're ahead leaps and bounds. Just because she's not freaking out in their hospital doesn't mean she doesn't need the tests, just means she's holding it together after being in the first one. Does the doctor not wanting to do the tests think the other docs were completely out of their gourds when they admitted her and said the tests should be done? {SIGH}

    Sorry you're having to fight with this. Glad that your medications are helping your pneumonia. Had that last year, not fun. Get better fast.
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    SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Angry for you and Kanga. What kind of idiots run these places? Are they allowed to breed??

    I am so sorry. I hope you can get good medications to get the pneumonia taken care of. I hope YOU don't end up in the hospital too!!!

    Hugs, someday it will get better.

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    You must be at your wits end! I'm so sorry you're so sick:pouting: I feel your frustraion and am angry at well at those idiots. i hope everything works out to your advantage ((hugs))
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    oh i'm so sorry that your sick too. that's what happens i think we keep pushing ourselves so hard for the kids and then wind up breaking down ourselves on some level.

    keep your chin up sounds like your doing all you can. i hope you are feeling better adn i hope they dont' discharge and do what it is you need them to.

    hugs to you
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    I am frustrated for you as well! I just do not know why it has to be so difficult. Why there has to be so many brick walls! UGH! If it were their children....

    I hope you get to rest up this weekend and you get feeling better!