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    Well, difficult child said I love school, but it is a new week. Everyday I ask him how school was, everyday he tells me good. Everyday I ask if he has homework, everyday he says, "nope, I finished it in school, I always do".

    Tuesday, I get a call from the police officer at school. There was quite an incident. Police officer said difficult child didn't quite understand who runs the show. difficult child was put in his place. (he needed to be put in his place). Pretty much told police officer (after the class incident) that he doesn't have to listen to him, doesn't have to go with him...police officer finally (after many comments) turned around, put his hand on his chest and said, Whoooo - stop right now. difficult child said "get your hands off me, you can't touch me, you can't tell me what to do...etc"

    He has two detentions. Police officer said he took him out to cool down and after 5 - 10 minutes he went back to class and was fine the entire day. worked hard, worked through his break.

    Then I get to work Wednesday night and have emails from everyone. He didn't take supplies to class. Said it was in his locker. They went to his locker. then said in someone elses locker, then said at home. Sent me progress reports from every class. (4 classes) had two A's, and two F's.
    Two f's had combined total of 9 missing assignments. Daily work was all A's. I flipped. i totally lost it. took everything he has away. He tried telling me he turned it in and I didn't believe him. Go to work last night and have emails saying he has no missing work. All has been turned in. ???

    One email said he cannot come in early. The next says they are their 30 minutes early. One teacher said he forgot two documents in class and she emailed them to me for work last night. ( I didn't open it until I got to work, I was sleeping) difficult child didn't forget it he had it and did it last night. husband signed it.

    I was told I have a meeting at 7am Monday. then I was told I have a meeting at 2:30 Monday.

    I don't know what is going on and it sounds like they don't either.

    I was impressed with his books though. Heavy duty stuff. (honors)

    Ok, once again thanks for letting me vent.
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    Are these coming from different teachers? One wants a morning meet, one wants an afternoon meet, one says no early time, one says come early, one says missing assignments in my class, one says no missing assignments in my class?

    It is nice when there is a teacher for each subject but then we as a mom have to track down so many teachers when there is a problem. When easy child was in Middle School and High School, it was near impossible to get hold of them, they came to school just minutes before class started and left as soon as school was out!

    A new year, a new way of organizing what is going on. Sounds like the teachers are reporting missing assignments just for your info. Also sounds like difficult child is doing a great job on keeping up on his assignments when told one is missing. I would just go over the e-mails with difficult child just to make sure he is aware and is working on these. It is nice the teachers are on top of this but maybe they should wait a day before reporting to you - the assignment may just turn up.
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    Don't you just love school? My son is younger but has that same, "nobody tells me what to do" attitude. Work refusal is a big issue for him and he says things like, "that is not in my plan" and "I only do what I want to do". Teachers love this, LOL! He has had severeal run ins with the police over running away and unsafe behaviors and he is not the least bit intimidated. He has never been intimatade by principals or other persons in authority, even in kindergarten. He does respect our authority (mom and dad) but no one else.

    Sorry, I'm a bit off track. Missing assignments kill me. Our foster daughter always dug a hole for herself by not turning in work. Half the time, I sat at the kitchen counter and did the work with her and still she did not turn it in!

    I hope you get the meeting time figured out and you can come up with a plan for how to get your son to get things done and turn them in. It must be hard dealing with different teachers, I don't envy you that!

    Good Luck!
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    Do you think he understands policemen and their power? All my kids were terrified of policemen, even my difficult child who took drugs. Do you feel he "gets it?" Just curious.
    Are you happy with his diagnosis and treatment? For a 13 year old, sounds like he isn't quite "getting it" but could be wrong...
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    all communication comes from the Special Education teacher. this is the one giving me conflicting information.
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    I can only imagine how hard this is. I feel tons of pressure from 4th grade dynamics. The good thing is that they seem responsive to email. I hope it gets better and stays better! Hugs, ML
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    The teachers need to search their in-box of assignments before reporting to Special Education on missing assignments and Special Education teacher needs to make sure everything has been reported before e-mailing you something is missing. They all have to be sure of their report. That means verifying EVERYTHING. That means WORK on their end.

    What is going on is teacher's book says, "missing assignment" so that is what is sent to Special Education. Then after the e-mail is sent, teacher goes through the assignments handed in today and finds the missing assignment so sends another e-mail to Special Education teacher that there is no missing assignements. In the meantime, you ask difficult child about the assignment and he says he already did it. Not fair to put difficult child through this. The teachers need to look at their process of reporting.

    How frustrating!