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Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by mamabear01, Feb 11, 2010.

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  1. mamabear01

    mamabear01 New Member

    Can someone tell me what's included in a full comprehensive ABA evaluation?

    I hired an atty for DP but the school settled with us. Part of that settlement was for an ABA evaluation.

    This school has done alot of sneaky things which I have had to follow up with state complaints (which I won)

    My son was evaluated for ABA recently and I got the report. NO goals and only an offer of 9 hours a month which is really low. The co called me before the IEP meeting and said "look, I just need you to know when the school contacted us they asked for the minimal. It wasn't a full evaluation like they would give other kids" They were trying to give me a heads up so I can fight for what my kid needs, but they can't show it in an IEP meeting.

    So, I find out there's tests missing but I need to know what is the standard to show all of my childs needs.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. dadside

    dadside New Member

    I'm not especially familiar with applied behavior analysis but do understand it to be one method/system for addressing/changing problematic behaviors. I don't know what an ABA assessment would be other than perhaps a judgment of whether or not that method likely would be effective with the person and behaviors of concern. It is also possible that the assessor was asked to look at its likely effectiveness with specified behaviors, not to assess everything about the individual involved, so that might be the "minimal" assessment identified. Nowhere have I found a list of tests to be given, or even mention of an ABA assessment as such.
    I think that if you and the school have covered all the apparent behaviors that interfere with his learning, the next step might be to break them down into steps and address those pieces to get the whole to come together as wanted.

    So ... if the problematic behaviors were addressed in the report, and the rest of the report seems OK as far as it goes, you may need to accept it as a starting point. Later, the need for more therapy covering additional areas - or perhaps just more time/week due to inadequate progress - may become apparent. Then you address it with new evidence.

    I know this isn't the answer you wanted, but absent other response, I hope it helps.
  3. Sheila

    Sheila Moderator

    Anytime you do not agree with a report from/by the school district, ask for an IEE.

    Obviously, you can hardly agree with-a "minimal" evaluation.....

    by the way, congrats on the wins! They are sometimes hard to come by.
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