Abandon by my children ~ confused & lost.

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    I really do not know how to start this post~I will do my best, pls bare with me I will try...

    I am a mother of 2 both married (girls), 3 grandchildren, a little about me, I was raised by my grandmother & uncle (her son) I was abandon by my real parents, both parents were alcoholics, mother seen a few weeks each year I do not have good memories of our relationship, but I loved her she had a illness, I beleive that is why I promised to myself I would do the opposite of her when I had children. I grew up fast on my own @ 16 yrs old due to my grandmother had a stoke & was moved to a home, & living with my wonderful Uncle was out of the question in does days it was inproper..
    I have no family, all passed away years ago, I had only my 2 beautilful girls who now are married with children,

    I married, unfortunately marriage ended after 20 yrs my choice I had many hurdles but stayed strong, I always said when I was asked how did I cope my respond to that was, I was born in stress & learn how to cope & move on & not look back, When I divorced my priority 1st above all were my girls, 2nd my job to maintain my family, I did honor my promise to myself, I do not drink & never will & made sure to protect my children & love, protect them get involved with whatever they participated in be there to support them, without a doubt I do feel I gave them the best of myself, I do admit I was strict with rules after all I was raising girls but I did spoil them but I always made sure when I ground them I never gave in,reason it was important to me discipline
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    SORRY...I will finish this, for some reason all did not posy. Not up to it now....
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    You may want to take this to Parent Emeritus. Those are where we post about our adult children. Many of us have been deserted by our grown children. I have one son who did this.
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    Hello and welcome. Hope you come back and check in with the Parent Emeritus group. Some of the members here focus more on their parenting area and some check all new posts....

    You just may get a bigger group who can relate to your story in PE. Lots of wonderful folks there who will understand for sure. Welcome and sorry you are hurting.