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    We went to psychiatrist today for our 2 week check. Last time he took difficult child off of Ritalin and added Concerta and also added Abilify 2mg. difficult child has really high anxiety and has even before the medication changes. Over the past week he can not go to sleep, Abilify is only at 2 mg. Dr's only suggestion switch Abilify from night to morning. WOW! This kid is driving me nuts! He is so anxious about everything. Monday he asked me 18 times in 1hr 15min if I would take him to the store on Wed. He thinks that everytime it rains we will die.

    I don't want to drug the kid or anything but come on he is miserable.

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    Concerta can exacerbate pre-existing anxiety plus keep a child up at night. Furthermore, Abilify at 2 mg is such a low dose for a 12-year-old that it is unlikely to be doing much of anything. I think you need a second opinion from a different psychiatrist.
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    My 11 year old was made incredibly anxious on any stimulant. However, he is getting 2.5 mg of Abilify and has been for some time. It really helps with his impulsiveness. We can't push it any higher for side effect reasons, but even that small amount makes a difference. He is quite big for an 11 year old.

    Abilify did not however help my older, constitutionally very anxious kid. He has done better with a small dose of Risperdal. He does really well also on a very low dose of Adderall.

    So much depends on the kid, unfortunately. But if you don't see any neg side effects from the Abilify, you might ask to raise the dose. We had a psychiatrist who gradually titrated up until there were neg. side effects. But at a reasonable dose if there are no positive effects, then you are better off looking at something else.
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    My son actually became manic on Abilify. He did not sleep for days after introducing this medication. Sometimes kids have atypical reactions to medications. You have to trust your Mommy instinct.

    Good luck.
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    I actually called back today and got him an appointment with another psychiatrist in the same place. The new one is who his 1/2 brother sees next wednesday. They also see the same therapist. I am looking forward to the visit. The therapist thinks that Blake and his brother are ALOT alike but with 7 years age difference. To me I see alot of Blake in his brother except, brother is more angery and Blake is more whiney (cries alot and always has). His 5yo brother is on 10 mg of abilify.

    Blake has been on just about every stimulant and none have worked. Therapist doesn't think he is even ADHD. He thinks inattentiveness is from anxiety, depression, manic episodes.

    I guess I can look at it this way. Only 6 more days till the new psychiatrist. That is so short compared to the years we have been fighting this battle with him.

    It is so hard because these kids, My kiddo and your kiddo's are great kids. And my heart just aches for them. Just a sappy moment after a long day!