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    I am the fortunate mom of four kids. One precious one has been diagnosed since 2 1/2 with Early-Onset B.P, Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), sensory processing disorder (SPD), ODD, and some others that are under her umbrella. She has been on medications since December. After five different medications, I think we have found one that finally gives her happiness and takes away the constant irritability and unpredictability-or as she says, helps her hold her big feelings back.

    I am so happy for her! We, I, have never been able to have a relationship the way a mother shares with a daughter.

    I just wondered if anyone else has had success.
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    This is a poem I wrote in a moment of sadness and loneliness during a low point of my daughter's illness. It was a turning point for me. After this, I decided to concentrate on all the hope and wonderful things that can happen for her.

    I am sitting here thinking
    Of things I want to say,
    To tell you how much you are loved
    In so many, many ways.

    I’ve never known a child like you,
    At times my efforts feel so futile.
    Then, I begin to realize,
    It is exactly the same for you, too.

    Empowered by your spirit,
    Driven from your soul.
    All the wonderful facets
    Make up your precious whole.

    You are not flawed,
    Nor, are you otherwise broken.
    But instead,you are perfectly created
    Of uniqueness yet to be spoken.

    A chosen path awaits you,
    to be your personal journey.
    And all the gifts that within you lie,
    Will be the strengths for your learning.

    Can you understand
    the role of teaching us, you’ll play?
    To see a child’s true beauty
    in a new and unfamiliar way.

    Can you understand
    Just how special you are.
    Given to us from above,
    Our very own uncharted star.

    Can you understand
    There are those who cannot see.
    The endlessness of your desire
    And the need to fully “be”.

    Can you understand
    There are those who cannot see,
    The innocence of a child’s
    struggle to be free?

    I love you,
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    Welcome and thank you for sharing your story.

    This forum is for parent of kids who are over 18. From what you wrote, I suspect your child is younger? If yes, I'll be happy to transfer this post to the appropriate forum.

    Welcome to the family :flower: .

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    Would you? I wasn't paying attention to where I was....my child is five.
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    I'll move this to the Early Childhood Zone. In the meantime, I'd suggest that you fill out your profile signature. It's helpful for us to see it to remind us of of your story...and it prevents you from having to tell it every time you post. :smile:

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    What a moving poem--

    I'm so glad you've seen happiness. Abilify has been wonderful for my child as well. He's been on it for 1 1 /2 years.

    Welcome to the group
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    Thank you for sharing your touching poem. Many times I have thought of writing something special to my difficult child. I do not know how our lives will pan out but I do know for sure that we have a very different path than many other mothers and sons have.

    I feel like I must express my love, angst, worry, hurt, etc to him in writing so that maybe one day when he is older he can read it and perhaps have an understanding of what I was going through and thinking about during hi childhood, and more importantly how much I love him.

    I give you a lot of credit for taking the time to express your feelings on paper. What a wonderful gift to your daughter!
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    Your poem is eloquent, expressive, and truly beautiful. It is wonderful that you can see the beauty and joy that is in your daughter even through the pain and struggles. It is even more wonderful that you can share the love you feel for her so expressively. She is a very lucky girl.
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    Thank you so much for sharing your poem. It just moved me to tears and I can relate to each special part of it. It reinforces the fact that this support system is so helpful for all of us. The fact that I can come on here and read your poem and know how you feel and the thoughts you want to share with your child is amazing. We go through so many extreme emotions in dealing with our special children. I have so many wonderful, awesome moments but there are also many moments when I don't think I can go on this way or I just can't take it any more. My sister always says to me, "I don't know how you do it" and I reply with "I don't know how I do it either. It's only by the grace of God that I get through this trial".

    I like your id that says never give up. I like to say that "there is always hope". I don't want to ever forget that. I see that you are a newbie. I am also so welcome and thanks again for sharing something so beautiful.
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    Thank you all for such kind, caring words. I am not only a newbie, but I have never taken part in any blogs or forums before! I am just so validated by all of your responses. You are all very thoughtful.