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    My difficult child is on a high dose of Abilify-- 37mg a day, also Tenex is 3mg a day I think that is over the max, but psychiatrist says okay if no side effects... It helped behavior (a little bit) to up it. He is in a special school program but it's not doing the trick for him, improvement has to come from within, but with difficult child it's not. Counseling has not improved his effort or attitude. If he doesn't get his way he calls me a "B" or "F" or gives me the finger, kicks walls, crys like a wet baby..and he's almost 13. We've tried almost every medication, and what he's on now has worked the best. Ugh. I just wish he could be happy for anytime he is not playing games on computer or watching tv. Anytime he is not doing one of these, he is not content.
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    Hi there -

    Sounds like you're swimming in alphabet soup. What does his psychologist/therapist think? If you have no one but a psychiatrist - I would recommend checking into finding a good CBT COgnitive behavior therapist. It's a lot more structured for our kids' behaviors AND it helps YOU stay one step (okay a 1/4 step) ahead of the game.


    ps. My son has taken 64 medications of varying combinations in 11 years. None of them were of any help. I am not anti-medication, but I did a ton of research on a lot of the medications and spoke with several pharmacists about medication cocktails just to see what they felt and get another point of view.
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    Hi! Just a thought here.... but could he possibly be over-medicated and his behaviors are reacting to it. These same behaviors happened when my difficult child was OVER-medicated. It certainly is something to ask your psychiatrist about, or maybe get a second opinion. Has your difficult child ever had a neuropsychologist evaluation done? I highly recommend it!!! It was the best thing we ever did for our difficult child. Gave us lots of concrete answers & a true diagnosis.

    Hugs... :smile: