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    Long story short, my hairdresser whom I had been seeing for over 6 years moved about 2,000 miles away in March. We had a schedule to see her every three weeks. I'd do a weave & cut & brow wax, three weeks later wax & trim, three weeks later single color and trim and wax, three weeks later wax and trim, and then start it all over again. We were in the process of lightening the darker color of my weave as my grey grow-out is too much, and I don't like the heavy contrast in the colors.

    So, I got my color card from her before she left, and went to a different stylist in the salon. I met first for a consult, and we talked about lightening the second color of my hair. We were very specific about my temples needing to be lighter. She had the formula there, and said she knew exactly what to do to lighten up two shades from where I had been. I made an appointment for a week later.

    When she did my hair, she put on a much darker shade than I have ever had solid to nearly the crown of my head. Then she did a real haphazard weave that only goes down to about half an inch from my roots and the roots are the very dark almost black color that she used on the rest of my hair. She even commented that it was very dark as she was rinsing me out and again as she styled my hair.

    I am really disappointed that she didn't even come close to what we had talked about. The weave she did was so poorly done that the contrast is obvious, and the grow out will show blatantly within a week. I don't intend to go back to her, because she just didn't seem skilled enough at the weave, and that's the most important part of the process. But I need to have it fixed, and it's not in the budget to pay someone to start fresh.

    I know I should go back and make her get the color right. I'm tempted to just go to the drug store and buy a shade that I like and color it all and hope for some highlights from the weave to show through.

    How do you go back to a hairdresser and tell them to fix it? I tipped her plenty the first time and I don't think I should give her another penny given that I am not satisfied and it's not at all what we discussed. Have any of you ever done this before? What did/would you do?
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    Call management of the place and tell them you want your money back so you can pay someone else to do it the way it should have been done. Tell her/him you'd be happy to show the card with instructions on it and clearly, it was not done correctly. Period.
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    I haven't had to go back over a color issue, but I have gone back when a cut wasn't quite working the way it should have. Like it needed more taken off, thinned out, evened up, whatever. I called the stylist and explained the problem I was having and asked if she'd be willing to have me come in so she could fix it. She was very understanding and had no problem working me into her schedule to fix the issue -- and it was no charge. The longer you wait after it's done, the less ground you have to stand on to ask for the fix. I'd go ahead and call, talk to the stylist and explain that you're just not happy with how it turned out, and give her the specifics. Ask her if she is willing to fix it. If she's not, then call back and speak to the owner and at that point be prepared to ask for either another stylist to fix it n/c, for a refund, or to just write it off and let them know you won't be back, and neither will any of your friends. Hopefully they are all reasonable people, though, and will make some attempt to make things right. They can't afford to NOT have a happy customer, in my opinion.

    Good luck!
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    Witz, if you think she can fix it, by all means give her a call soon. Like GCVMom, I've done that with unsatisfactory cuts more than once.

    If you don't think the stylist has the competence to get it right, call the owner directly and let him/her know the problem and ask to have it corrected by the stylist in the salon with the best color skills (hopefully he/she won't say it's the gal who did your hair!).

    I know how expensive color is these days as I just had my hair highlighted over the weekend. :wildone: You paid good money and deserve to get your money's worth.

    Good luck!