About my knees - others with knee issues may want to hear it

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    I just came from my ortho guy (love him, he's like a rockstar around here!).

    He suggested the series of Viscosupplementation treatment (basically shots of oily substance called Hyaluronic acid). It is not a pain releif medication - it only provides a higher level of viscosity in the knee joint. I will receive 3 shots, one per week for 3 weeks. The injection is similar to the cortisone shots, but do different things.

    Dr also said that he doesn't think I will find these shots as effective as some patients because of the deterioration inside the joint combined with the osteoarthritis and two small bone spurs. He said that he predicts he will have to go in arthroscopically and clean out the joint, perhaps even do a partial knee replacement. He basically said that these shots are simply a way of delaying the inevitable, surgery, whether just a clean out, partial or total knee replacement.

    DR also said that I will likely need a full knee replacement, most definitely, but his time frame to expect that ranged from 5 years to 15 years - depending how I respond to other options.

    I asked him about that procedure that heather mentioned in a thread to Janet, the Makoplasty, and he said that knows little about it, but what he does know leaves him feeling that the better option would be to just have a partial replacement done instead. Given the 6 inch incision for the Makoplasty procedure, he said that he would rather just go with what he KNOWS works and has proven to be very effective for most patients and that's the partial or total replacement, depending on factors such as age and existing damage as well as other options already tried.

    So, now I wait to hear from doctors office. They have to get approval from the insurance for the shots as well as the medication, should only take a week or so. I am hoping I can begin the shots next week so if I do need surgery, I can get it done sooner rather than later. Not that I'm looking forward to that! Anyway, that's the story.
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    My dad had those shots before he had his knees replaced. I think he had them done 3 times over the course of a few years, and the first two times helped him a lot. The third didn't help at all. But it bought him some time, and during that time he realized how much life he was missing because he was hurting, and for him, it was the "magic bullet" that made him finally go thru with the knee replacement. He only lived 4 years after the knee replacements, but it was an awesome 4 years.

    I hope they work for you!
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    I have had those shots 3 times in each knee. I call them the rooster comb shots because they are made from rooster combs. True! They are not bad but the needle is really creepy to see coming at you...lol. Its huge! It isnt a very painful shot but it builds up each week so by the last week it is a bit uncomfortable but it isnt really painful. My doctor doesnt even give lidocaine because giving that shot means an extra shot which is more pain! I agree with him.
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    My dad called them his **** (rooster) shot!
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    i'm so sorry..... i hope it helps and i hope insurance doesnt' pose a problem.
  6. Hound dog

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    I hope it helps Jo.

    Sounds like you have a lot going on though.

  7. hearts and roses

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    Don't want to jinx myself, but I have really good insurance, so I'm thinking there won't be any issues. Besides, I've already taken the appropriate steps on my own, such as analgesics, pain medications, anti inflammatories, physical therapy. My dr would not be out of line to suggest a partial at this point or at my age (hate having to say that last part).

    Thanks for the well wishes, we shall see how it goes.