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    I decided to tune up my second hand Oreck. It runs great, but the cord was frayed in spots, and someone had run it with the bag loose inside the outer bag and it smelled pretty bad. In the past I had gotten out the shop vac and vacuumed it, and it helped, but only so much.

    So, I got online and I ordered a new cord, a new bag, and went to the vacuum store and got a new belt.

    The new cord was a challenge, but given enough time I figured it out. Next time I would pay more attention to how it came apart...:tongue:

    I got the new outer bag in the mail yesterday, and decided to take care of it and the belt today. I wanted to clean it all up so that it wouldn't smell like 10 years of dog dandruff the next time I ran it. I was befuddled as to how I would get the old bag off, but as soon as I unzipped it, it was very clear that there was just a little clip that held it onto the handle. Which is, of course, when it dawned upon me that I could have removed the bag and run it through the washer any time I wanted to. DUH...:mad:

    So, I did. And now I have two bags. And a very clean and fresh vacuum that works very well.
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    Wow Witz, you are handy! Next time I think I've killed another vacuum I will PM you for advice instead!

    Well done!