Absolutely dreading Tuesday..

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    No one has said this to us, but I know in my heart if she can't bring herself to get back to class, she is pretty much done Grade 8...she will be brought work and assignments to the office, they will mark her as best they can..she will graduate, but it won't be the same...
    she probably won't go to graduation after 10 years with the same kids, that would break my heart...
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    I understand how hard it would be for your daughter not to go to graduation. However...remember, this is about HER, not YOU right now...and if she can't, she can't. I hope you will not be cross with her because she can't help this.

    Has your daughter been on antidepressants at all? Abilify seems like an unusual medication for depression/anxiety. Did she stay on those antidepressants (if she took them) for the full six-eight weeks?

    Age 13 was the beginning of all my problems. It is a very tough year. Lots of latent problems can pop up during the teens, especially once the period starts and hormones are all jumbled. Seemed to hit me overnight...

    Hugs to you and your daughter and crossing fingers.
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    She was on zoloft for 8 weeks, still kept going down...then prozac for 4 months, nope, still kept ging down..

    The Doctor described the medication as a side attack on her neurotransmitters....and she is on a very small dose...

    Seroquel actually made her VERY angry, something we hadn't seen before...so they took her off that fairly quickly...
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    Ditto MWM. It's about HER. If she's anything like me when I'm depressed, she really doesn't care, and hopefully she will get better and then she will learn to cope with the losses herself.

    If you decide the Abilify isn't working and want to look at something else, ask the psychiatrist about Wellbutrin. I don't consider it a very strong antidepressant - meaning that one can still have breakthrough down days. At least that's how it works for me and DD1, but it does have a low incidence of side effects and works very differently from all these other medications. DD1 had also tried zoloft, prozac, and Abilify (paxil too) and none of them worked, but Welbutrin keeps her pretty stable.