Absolutely worn out!!!

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    My 17 ad daughter is wearing me out mentally, emotionally and physically! I am to a place where I am functioning in so much anger and frustration. She has a history of sexual abuse, and feels that her only purpose in a relationship with the opposite sex is to please them. I have caught her sending nude pictures and videos. We have leveled up her treatment plan and will hopefully start counseling soon, just hope I can make it until then.
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    I have no words of wisdom for you on this but lots of others will chime in soon that do.

    I'm sorry your going through this, you found a great place with lots of helpful caring member that have been where you are right now.

    Warm hugs for you and your daughter ❤️
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    Have you considered cutting the data plan and the texting program from her phone? Confiscating all electronics until you see a positive change? Is she on any medications at this time? Any "carrot" you could dangle to influence change?

    Our "carrot" was her truck. If she was not medication compliant or her grades fell below C, she lost her keys. For most of the stuff, I used logical consequences. Tore her bedroom door off the hinges? No door. Throw your packed lunch in the trash before leaving the yard? Go hungry. Throw a fit and call Mom bad names when Mom had oh so kindly agreed to drive you to school? Find yourself tossed out three blocks from home, which means you have two miles to go.

    Good luck. This job is not for the faint of heart, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
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    Thank you so much! Yes, I confiscated all of her devices and turned off internet, only to find out that two of her friends had given her devices to use. One of those being her best friend. Her mother was not too happy with her daughter for also lying and enabling. She also apologized to me and asked that I give the phone (of which she knew nothing about) directly to her. This was certainly a blessing.

    She is currently on medication. It seems to be holding for now, but I am keeping my eyes on her and distributing the medications to her myself.

    I am also in a stage of growth to take the emotion out of the phase that we are currently going through. While I know that she has a tumultuous past, I also am not going to allow her to use it as an excuse to continue to participate in behaviors that she knows are inappropriate. She is great at manipulating the situation to serve her and see if the expectations of the household will be lowered because of her past, depression, bi-polar, etc. For myself, I need to find balance so that I am not reacting out of anger and frustration ......one of my MANY weaknesses.

    I still see the light at the end of the tunnel, though it be faint!!!!
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    This is tough stuff. I do not have experience with this but I do know that you should get some support for yourself in dealing with this as I'm sure there is no quick fix.

    I see a therapist and that has helped me tremendously. You may consider that for yourself also.