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    The principal had that meeeting (MDT) with sd and I don't know who else on Tues. to discuss whether or not the sd would refer us to county team. The funding coordinator for the team was there and sent a message thru the principal to me after the sd decided not to refer us.

    The message was to try getting county team thru PO since sd wouldn't do it, or call "Ms S." if I wanted my son in Residential Treatment Center (RTC). I thought that odd because everyone had told me that Residential Treatment Center (RTC) is obtained thru a county team just like other services to be funded by county/state. And, DSS had told me that I can't place my son anywhere while he's on probation- only the PO can recommend that, or the judge can order it. I asked the judge to order it in my letter where I also asked for my son to be released from probation.

    Anyway, I called the number provided and left a message a couple of days ago and never heard back, so I called again this morning. The lady (from DSS?) said they have "staffing meetings" twice a month and this is where the case is discussed to see if my son can be placed somewhere. (These are not the same county fapt teams- thiese are for placement determination only). I'm a little confused, but apparently, this is the route when the parent wants the child placed in a different residential setting temporarily, but the parent does not relinquish custody. I told her I thought my son needed a psychiatric Residential Treatment Center (RTC) and I did not want to permanently give up parental rights or custody, etc. But I had been told that I couldn't call and get this myself because my son is on probation. She said she can get us on the schedule for the meeting and then she just invites PO. There's a meeting next week and she's going to check and see if they are already booked up for that meeting or if they have room to cover this case then. If they are already full, the next one would be in Feb.

    So, I guess the previous people I spoke with from DSS had no idea what they were talking about- either that, or the funding coordinator spoke with this lady and had something lined up already, as far as how to get me in. The funding coordinator is supposed to call me back today or Mon. about this. If they can get difficult child placed that route (no court order) would be great, if not, it appears that they could say "no placement, but WE refer you to fapt". I'll clarify this with funding coordinator- I might need to go pull that letter and request from the judge...
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    DUH!! I am so dense sometimes. I think I see what happened- The people I spoke with before were the typical social workers at DSS. This lady was the person that actually coordinates these staffing meetings- the phone number I was given rang directly to her desk. (This phone number and name were provided by the funding coordinator, who heads the county teams) When I said "Ms J got me a message thru difficult child's principal to call you and arrange a 'staffing meeting'", she just said ok, let's see if we can fit you in the next one.
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    I'm glad you are moving forward. Keep up the good work.
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    I am so exhausted for you!!! You have done so much to get the services your son needs. It just should not be this hard!!! One hand never knows what the other is doing!!! I commend for all of your efforts. You are a true "Warrior Mom"!!!

    My daughter was placed 3 times. The first time it was through the SD and they paid for it. I don't know how it works in your state but here in NY the SD does have the authority and the funds to place children into residential programs. The problem I had with that was that when a child is placed through the SD it is on a voluntary basis. So my daughter went awol 13 times in the first three months. While on one of the awols my daughter was caught shoplifting. That was the best thing that could have happened as we ended up in the court system. I begged the judge to remand her and place her as I was afraid I would end up losing her if she was not forced to stay in a placement. That is how she ended up in her other 2 rtcs. She was given a PO and she is the one her did all of the leg work to find an appropriate Residential Treatment Center (RTC). It was much easier than I thought it would be. I am so shocked by the fact that your son's PO is dragging her feet. It is an utter shame that she isn't doing all she can. And her supervisor is no help either!!!! What do they do all day, sit around and scratch their heads???

    Hopefully you will finally start making progress now that you have actually gotten to the right people at DSS. It is so frustrating for you to have to, not only worry about your son, but have this added stress that you don't need. The politics of it all is just ridiculous. They would move much quicker if it were their children!!!

    Keep fighting the good fight, you'll get what you need in the long run. It's a shame that you have to fight for it but it will come. When he finally gets what he needs, you need to GO ON VACATION!!!! You so deserve a break!!!

    Keep us posted. You are in my thoughts. :)