Abuse at Daycare Center

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    I hate to be an alarmist because I know there are many great daycare centers and daycare providers out there but incidnets like what happened in this article just go to show that you can never be too careful. It is smart to question anything out of the ordinary. Had this woman not questioned why her son was wearing different socks, this incident would have never been discovered and I would bet that it is not the only incident of abuse by this woman. I find myself wondering where the other teacher was in the room?
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    This is the reason I was a stay at home Mom, except when we were in dire straights. (me work or we starved.) On one of those occasions I was forced to work outside the home, I had a friend watch the kids. Two days later easy child informed me that this close friend had whipped Travis severely with a coat hanger. That was the end of that. And the friendship.

    Last school quarter Nichole was picking up Aubrey at daycare. The have one middle age worker there who Nichole has commented before that she seemed to rough with the little ones. But that day Nichole came home livid. She had walked in on the woman lining up the 3 yr olds for some activity, she was calling them names and had the nerve to pull hard on one little girl's ponytail making her cry.

    I told Nichole she needed to report it. That child may never think to tell on this person of authority. And the worker had been alone in the room at the time. No one would've known if Nichole hadn't opened the door and stepping inside at the right moment.

    Nichole reported her to the owner of the daycare, owner had her file a formal complaint. Owner (who is a good friend of Aubrey's paternal grandparents) was livid. She told Nichole they were suspicious of this worker because of the way the little ones behaved around her, but could never catch her at it. Worker was fired that day. Video cameras were installed the next.
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    Wow, I feel so blessed to have had excellent and loving care providers for my girls.

    I can't imagine why a person who obviously does not like children and has so little patience and understanding would remain in a position of daycare provider. And the article said she's been a 'teacher' for 2 years, which would have made her 19 at that time...How can that be??:(
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    Even worse than the article itself, I read the comments posted by other readers on the newspaper's website and many of them supported the teacher saying that if the parents disciplined their child this would not have been necessary! The child was two. It's scary how some people think!
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    People can be really scary. I made sure to always drop in at unexpected times, etc... when the kids were in daycare.

    I wonder if anyone ever teaches these teachers what "normal" 2yo behavior is??

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    Wow. At first I thought she was just having a really, really bad day, but when she went back to the kid, who was finally seated and calm, she kicked his foot, and then smacked him in the head with-a bag of toys, that was clear-cut.
    Why in heaven's name was she in that position? She needs to be a typist or something that doesn't involve interaction with-energetic toddlers.

    Neat that the mom noticed the socks.

    We had a child abuse issue at the gym a few yrs back. Looking back on it, I wish I had called CPS. husband said he'd handle it and all they did was transfer the employee. Our difficult child was getting out of control and the daycare person sat on him. I mean, laid him out flat and sat on him. She had a baby daughter who was very calm and had no idea what to do with-an out-of-control boy.
    When we found out, we asked difficult child why he hadn't told us b4 (apparently she'd done it b4) and he shrugged. Apparently he didn't know it was wrong. And he was such a tough kid, all it did was teach him to be tougher, and to outmaneuver adults.
    And we wonder where they learn this stuff ...