Abuse findings for Special Needs Kids in our schools

Discussion in 'Parenting News' started by Marcie Mac, May 19, 2009.

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    I saw this while I was baking and watching the news. The stories were heart wrenching to listen to.

    I am glad though that this is in the news! It needs to be stopped.
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    Hi I am from the UK. My son who is now 21 had what we call a Statement of Special Education Needs from the age of 7 for emotional and behavioral difficulties. He has been diagnosed with all sorts in the past and now has a so called Anti Social Personality Disorder. His needs were neglected and this in my mind lead to emotional and physical abuse by professionals within and out of his many placements. I have issued a claim in The High Court in London against the Local Authority responsible for maintaining that Statement as they failed in the duty of care owed to my son by not meeting any of the needs or recommendations made. I first complained in 1996 when he was 9 years old, it took until then for them to even assess him and then it still took until 2002 before an expert said he should have been diagnosed with Mixed Disorder of Emotion and Conduct at an early age which he never was. He spent the first 18 months of his life in 4 different hospitals and had ongoing medical problems that required hospital treatment until the age of 13. He was born with Trachea Oesaphageal Atresia known as TOFS. He is very damaged emotionally and the support in this country has been diabolical. Authorities do not like to admit it when they get things wrong but they are quick to blame the parent and take action to hide their own failures.