Abusive Adult Children-When You Are Abused by Your Adult Child

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    Love this true article. We can be abused and this is how:. It starts out about domestic abuse, then pans into emotional and financial abuse, etc. Good read. The only part you should just shrug off is that they were abused...as we all know, in our cases this wasn't true, but the abusive adult kid traits WILL hit home!!! You won't feel so alone.

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    Very useful and good to read! As an abused adult, I don't usually find articles about the parent-child dynamic. It's usually partner or spouse. Do people not understand that it can happen within every family relationship?

    For me, I was immensely frustrated regarding the focus on the partner. Hell, if it were my partner, I'd have kicked him to the curb a LONG time ago! Having a child who abuses you is a horse of an entirely different colour!

    Thanks for this!
  3. ForeverSpring

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    it is extremely new that it is acknowledged that children can and do abuse their parents. im glad this is finally out of the closet.

    BN, I so hope you can find some peace.
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    My sister-in-law is very abusive to my mother-in-law, with whom she lives. We got her evicted for a few years but my mother in law let her back in and we gave up. They are 91 and 62. We've called adult protective services and got mother in law one of those panic buttons. Not much more we can do. She is mentally competent, mother in law, not so sure about sister in law.