Ack! Nasty note from teacher about difficult child

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TerryJ2, May 9, 2013.

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    I had just sent a mass email about difficult child's medication changes to the teachers but wouldn't you know, I accidentally left this one off the list. Sigh. I responded by telling her that is unacceptable, on or off medications, and that he would make up the work.
    Fingers crossed.
    Good Morning,
    I wanted to let you know that I had a very hard time with difficult child in math class today. He was VERY rude and disrespectful toward me and told me he didn’t care that I was going to talk with you about it. I have never seen this type of attitude from him towards me and I will not tolerate this behavior in my classroom. difficult child continued to be rude and run his mouth so I had to send him to his administrator with a discipline referral. I am sure they will be contacting you, but I wanted to give you a heads up of what happened in class. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

    Coach K
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    Must be something in the air. My difficult child ran his mouth to a teacher today too.
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    Ugh! Not a great way to go into the weekend.
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    I have not heard from her, the counselor, the admin or the principal. Mountain out of a molehill?
    difficult child wrote an apology and I made him rewrite it in a cleaner, nicer format.
    He is still belligerent and defensive.
    I caved and picked up the Adderall at CVS today. Costco said it would be the same amt. :( :( :(
    We could buy a new sectional couch with-the money we've spent on his medications since Jan. 1.
    Couch, or kid? Hmm ...
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    Actually, lol, the note didn't seem "nasty" to me. It actually read like a "heads up" and explanation. on the other hand I have received so many notes......AND had so many of my notes ignored over the past 45 years or so maybe I have lost my sensitivity! LOL!

    I'm sorry things aren't going well and I absolutely hope the medications help turn things around. Hugs DDD
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    Me too!
    He spent that rest of that class period in room 116, which is ISS. That was all.
    No note, no phone call. Hmm.
    He said he finished his math assignment but I don't know for sure.
    His explanation was that he was staring into space, the teacher told him to hurry up and work the in-class problem, then immediately went onto the next problem. At that point, he was lost (it only takes a minute for him!). So he started to doodle. She got mad and told him she was going to call his parents. In his typical Aspie way, knowing not to argue, he said, "Okay."
    Any NT would take that as being a jerk, so I can see both POVs.
    I explained to him 3X when he got home, what his attitude looked like to other people. He was still defiant. I told him he HAS to pretend to be humble and say "I'm sorry," instead of "Okay," and he didn't get it.
    husband talked to him and then difficult child came to me and apologized.
    I suspect he'll be calmer today, having had the Concerta. Maybe we can talk about it again. Yesterday was useless.
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    Hugs. I honestly do totally understand the rollercoaster ride. DDD
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    The frustrating part is that he is switching medications, so sorting it out and saying she won't tolerate him etc.....seems like a plan to have him go to a resource room when he gets lost instead of being upset with him could help? Until the medications build up again at least?
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    Buy some pretty pillows and sit on the kid. Snort. Kidding. We've distributed copious copies of The Explosive Child to my grandson's teachers. There are ways to communicate that will head this stuff off (sometimes). But when you get an authoritarian asshat, well....good luck with that. Kid:1, asshat: big fat zero.
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    Yeah, this is the first time she has had a problem so I hope it is only this one time.
    Pillow ... yeah, that's the ticket!