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    M is living with my parents.

    I can't imagine anything worse for anyone who is suffering from low self-esteem than to be subjected to life with my uber-judgmental father. And, of course, while M tells husband (still won't talk to me) that they are not discussing me, you can bet your sweet bippy that even if this is so, when I am not around the rest of them are ALL discussing how badly I messed up M.

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    Oh, hon... HUGS...

    FWIW, though I don't know your family, I would agree about them talking... Just so long as you know... No matter what they say... It's clear you've tried your best. If your best wasn't "good enough" for M? Too bad for him.
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    I'm so sorry Witz. There isn't a more painful feeling then the family judging and convicting us....without even letting us attend our own trial. Then there is the salt-in-the-wound of having our kids live with grandparents that are doing more harm than good.

    Practice your detachment skills. Sending you hugs and strength.
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    Thanks guys. It dawned on me on the way to work today that my parents have absolutely no technology in their home. They might have cable tv, but not certain about that. If so, it's basic. Absolutely certain that there is no internet. No gameboy, no playstation, no DVD player, no computer, no Wii. He was on his way to interview for a job in the mall next to where husband works. Hmm.... Anyway, hopefully he'll tire of having "nothing" before he decides to steal from them. Ugh....
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    Hugs, Witz.
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    if you need me? I'm here.