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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Hound dog, Aug 19, 2008.

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    My best friend called me today. I only hear from her these days when she is sober. Nice, huh? And she's only sober when she's broke.

    She's been shooting up the heroine again. No surprise there. This time chose a vein between her thumb and forfinger. (guess we're not bothering to hid it anymore) And it got infected. She's has MERSA in the past, and now has it in the injection site. It's not pretty.

    I said all of the right things. I felt like a robot when what I wanted to do was take her and start banging her head against the wall. I was NOT nice. I wasn't mean either. But I was blunt and brutally honest. I didn't tell her what she wanted to hear, I told her what she needed to hear.

    Her liver is shutting down. Her kidneys are shutting down. Her body is so overloaded with drugs and under nurished it is literally falling apart. Her teeth are crumbling from her mouth. Horrid thing to witness.

    I doubt she'll be alive 6 months from now at the rate she's going. And I told her so.

    Again we talked about rehab. No excuses. I wouldn't let her give me excuses.

    She called me back a while ago because I'd said I might stop by for a visit. She was higher than a kite. I didn't go over. I want no part of that.

    I know how not to enable. I know the right things to say. But it sure doesn't do much to help the frustration, the hurt, when you're watching your best friend, someone you care very much for, kill themselves slowly.

    I told her she has a choice to make. Rehab or a funeral. Sad to say, but I think I'll be attending her funeral soon.:(

    Makes me sick inside.
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    I'm sorry, Lisa. You're right- it doesn't make it any easier. You did what you had to do.
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    I'm sorry :not_fair::sad::sorry:

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    I am so very sorry. It hurts terribly to see someone you love destroy themselves.

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    Daisy, I can only say, I know how you feel, be it a best friend or spouse, it is a wicked disease that does noting but hurt the addict and all those who love them
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    Not fair is right! Addiction is so strong!!! I hope she truly heard your message. She must be so scared herself and feeling hopeless but this is something that only she can choose.
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    many hugs..

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    You're right, it's awful! Very sorry you have to watch your friend kill herself.

    I had a cousin who had a drug habit that killed him, too. He didn't show up for work for a few days and his dad went looking for him. He found him dead in his bathroom with a needle in his arm.

    So very, very tragic all the way around.

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    Many hugs, Lisa. I've watched my best friend through it as well. As of Sunday, she had 20 days clean and sober. Hopefully your friend heard you and will be ready soon to take that step.
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    {{{{{HUGS}}}}} Lisa,
    I know it hurts. It's awful to watch someone you love destroy herself, especially when they're at this close to the edge.

    My sister in law took that last drink earlier this year, even after a long hospitalization during which the doctor said "One more drink will KILL you."

  13. Star*

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    I think you are brave. I think you should find her in a sober moment, take her to lunch, go for a walk in the park and hug her, tell her you love her and tell her goodbye.

    I really think you both deserve one more day of each other's company - and you will have the memory of being together - one last time -upright -

    Don't wait until she's gone to say "I wish we would have had one more day together for me to tell her goodbye." And who knows - maybe that one day you have as your last will change her for good?

    (((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGE HUGS))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))