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Larry Silver, M.D.

Larry Silver, M.D., is the author of Dr. Larry Silver's Advice to Parents on AD/HD and The Misunderstood Child: Understanding and Coping with Your Child's Learning Disabilities. He is also a clinical professor of psychiatry at Georgetown Medical Center in Washington, D.C.

Feature Articles

* ADD Drugs: Safe While Pregnant or Nursing?
Can your ADD medication harm your developing fetus? Can it pass through breast milk? Critical... more »
* Beyond ADHD Diagnosis
It is as critical to diagnosis accompanying conditions as it is to diagnose ADHD itself... more »
* Managing ADHD Medication at School
All you need to know if your child needs a school-time dose of his ADHD... more »
* Why Is My ADHD Child Misbehaving?
Fine-tuning ADHD treatment may well be the solution when a child's behavior takes a turn... more »
* ADD Drugs: Say No to Side Effects
A doctor's guide to finding the right medication for your attention deficit disorder (ADD ADHD)... more »
* Trying a New ADD Medication
If you're considering a switch from your child's ADHD drug due to side effects, here's... more »
* Diagnosing Related Conditions in ADHD Children and Adults
How to help ADHD children and adults with common coexisting conditions like depression, anxiety and... more »
* Boost Your Child's Self-Esteem
Many kids with AD/HD and learning disabilities also struggle with poor self-esteem. Here's how parents... more »
* How to Treat Depression in Children with ADHD
Depression is especially common among children with ADHD. Fortunately, medical treatments are more safe and... more »
* What Is ADD?
An expert on ADD and learning disabilities explains the biology behind attention deficit disorder... more »
* Diagnosing ADHD: 3 Common Mistakes
Doctors sometimes diagnose ADHD too quickly or without considering all the symptoms. Here's what you... more »
* Is It Really ADHD? Ensuring an Accurate ADHD Diagnosis
Ask yourself these four questions before considering a diagnosis of attention deficit disorder (ADD ADHD)... more »
* Can Children Outgrow ADHD?
Parents of children with attention deficit disorder often wonder if their kids will stay on... more »
* ADHD Medications at School
A doctor's advice for managing medications during the school day... more »
* medications: Use Them Wisely in College
Have a game plan for tackling medications while in college... more »
* medications: Expect Resistance
Don't be surprised if your middle-schooler is resistant to taking his medications. Here's your approach... more »
* medications: Tips for High-Schoolers
Medications are your responsibility now. Here are things to keep in mind... more »
* The Drug Approval Process
How does the FDA permit the sale of a particular drug? The answer may alarm... more »
* ADHD Drug Treatments: Managing Multiple Medications
Treating ADHD and a comorbid condition like depression or bipolar disorder may require more than... more »

Expert Advice

* 'Mom, I Hurt Myself'
Kids with ADHD have more accidents — unless parents step in... more »
* A Parent's Guide to Explaining ADD Drugs
What you can say and do to make your child feel good about taking his... more »
* Alcohol and ADHD Medication: What Is Safe?
How will alcohol interact with your medication for adult ADD? Read this expert advice before... more »
* Medicate Our Child?
What to do when you say yes and your spouse says no... more »
* Using ADHD Medications Safely
7 ways to maximize the benefits of ADD drugs for you or your child with... more »
* Keeping Kids Safe
Expert tips to help parents avoid some common risks to their ADHD children... more »
* Helping Pre-Teens with ADD Succeed
The middle-school years can be turbulent for many children with ADD. Here’s how parents can... more »
* Protecting Children from Accidents
How to keep your children safe this summer... more »
* Period of Adjustment
When a child's behavior suddenly strays off course, look for the real reasons... more »
* Addicted to Computer Games!
Game-playing can boost coordination and computer literacy. Here's how to keep a good thing from... more »
* Keys to a Successful Summer
How parents can plan for a fun, safe, and productive summer vacation for their ADHD... more »
* Can Your Child Safely Take a Break from ADD Drugs?
Important considerations when pondering a "drug holiday" for your child with attention deficit disorder (ADD... more »
* Can Your Child Safely Take a Break from medications?
Important considerations when pondering a "drug holiday" for your child... more »

Life Stories

* How Recess Promotes Focus for ADHD Children
For children with ADHD, the endangered school recess is an essential activity that improves focus... more »
* The Pause Button
A grandfather discovers that, sometimes, ADHD children just need a break... more »
* Sample Dialogue for Talking About ADHD
If your child has questions, keep your answers simple, brief, and upbeat. Here's how... more »

Ask The Expert Q & As

* How to Ensure a Correct Diagnosis
"My son was diagnosed with multiple disorders, after an interview and psychiatric observations. Was he... more »
* ADHD in Adults
"My wife suspects I have ADD. How do I find a location where I can... more »
* Finding Reliable Help
"Who can best diagnose ADD?"... more »
* Sleep and ADHD
"Is ADHD causing my sleep problems?" ... more »
* Can You Have Only Some Symptoms?
"Can you have SOME of the symptoms of ADD and still be diagnosed with the... more »
* Explaining ADHD to Kids
"My 10-year-old son has ADHD. Is it okay to talk to him about it?" ... more »
* The Best Treatment for Teens with Addictions
"Will Wellbutrin work for adolescents with drug addiction?" ... more »
* A Qualified Diagnosis
"My son's teacher thinks he might have ADHD. Who can diagnose him and treat this... more »
* Building a Tolerance
"My eight-year-old did well on Strattera for six months, but then his symptoms returned. Is... more »
* Conception Concerns
"Should my husband stop taking his stimulant while we're trying to get pregnant?"... more »
* ADHD and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
"Our teenage son, who has ADHD and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), is hiding food in his room. What... more »
* Stimulants and Heart Trouble
"Our family has a history of heart trouble. Does the new stimulant warning mean it's... more »
* Too Young for Treatment?
"What’s the youngest age at which a child can be diagnosed with and treated for... more »
* What's the Right Dosage?
"I’ve been taking a stimulant for two days, but I don’t feel more focused. How... more »
* What causes ADHD?
"I was just diagnosed with AD/HD. Is the disorder caused by a specific genetic mutation?"... more »
* The Six Types of ADHD?
"What do you know about Dr. Daniel Amen's brain imaging research?"... more »
* Appetite Blunted By medications
"Because my long-acting stimulant tends to blunt my appetite, I typically take it only on... more »
* Getting Insurance to Cover a Stimulant and Strattera
"My son is doing well on his stimulant-Strattera combo, but my insurance company is unwilling... more »
* When to Switch Doctors
"My new primary-care physician told me she doesn’t 'do' adult ADD, and wants me to... more »
* Is Medication Necessary? How Much?
"Is there such a thing as being medicated just enough to get through school and... more »
* New Treatment Available Soon
"What can you tell me about Vyvanse, the new stimulant medication?"... more »
* Inheriting the ADHD Gene
"I don’t have ADHD, but my husband does. If we have a child, what are... more »
* Appropriate Dose of Medication
"Is my son's dosage of medication causing him to be irritable?"... more »
* Exercise for ADHD
"Will exercise improve symptoms?" ... more »
* When medications Affect the Menstrual Cycle
"I’ve been taking a stimulant for a few months, and my periods are noticeably shorter... more »
* Outgrowing ADHD
"Will my child need to take ADHD medication for the rest of his life?"... more »
* Medication on the Job (Airline Pilot)
"I am a pilot and want to try Ritalin on my vacation. For how long... more »
* Nightmarish Side Effects
"My 10-year-old son has started having terrible nightmares. Is this a side effect of his... more »
* Medication Side Effects
"Is it common for children on methyphenidate and Paxil to pick their cuticles, nails, skin,... more »
* Getting Accommodations at Work
"I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD. Am I entitled to special accommodations at work?"... more »
* Weight Gain and ADHD medications
"My nine-year-old has oppositional defiant disorder, and he just started taking Risperdal. I heard that... more »
* Family Disagrees with Diagnosis
"How do I convince my family that ADD is real?" ... more »
* On- or Off-medications When Undergoing Evaluations?
"My 10-year-old son is going to be evaluated for learning disabilities. Should we give him... more »
* ADD and ODD
"My nine-year-old ADDer misbehaves at home and at school. Is he oppositional?"... more »
* Quick Tip for Using the Daytrana Patch
"My son's doctor prescribed the stimulant patch, Daytrana. I find it difficult to peel off... more »
* Signs of Adderall Addiction
"Am I addicted to my medication?" ... more »
* How Strattera Affects Your Child's Growth
"Is slowed growth a side effect of Strattera?”... more »
* Talking to Your Teen About the ADHD Diagnosis
"My 14-year-old has been diagnosed with ADHD and Learning Disability (LD). He seems to believe that, if... more »
* Too Much Medication?
"How do you know if you are overmedicated?"... more »
* What to Know About the New ADHD medication
"I read about a new long-acting, nonstimulant ADHD medication. Can you tell me more?"... more »
* Stuttering as a Side Effect of Ritalin
"Is Ritalin causing my grandson's stuttering? It started a year after he began medication." ... more »
* Success in High School/Problems in College
"My 21-year-old son graduated at the top of his high school class, but now can't... more »
* Is ADD Genetic?
"I am 32 and pregnant. Can I continue my treatment for ADD, and will my... more »
* Arranging for Accommodations in College
"I was kicked out of school, but have since been diagnosed with ADHD. Can I... more »
* Taking Tests in School
"I struggle with test-taking. Is this common?" ... more »
* Is It ADD or a Learning Disability?
"I have a nine-year-old with ADD. School has become a struggle for him. Is this... more »
* When ADHD Gets Worse with Time
"Is it possible for ADD to become more prominent later in life than in the... more »
* Ritalin and Headaches
"Are stimulants causing my headaches?" ... more »
* Addicted to Ritalin?
"My dose of Ritalin isn't effective anymore. Why?" ... more »
* Alternative Treatments for ADHD
"Why don't doctors offer alternatives to treat ADHD before prescribing strong stimulants? Since starting his... more »
* Difficulties with Reading Skills
"I have an eight-year-old with ADD who struggles with reading comprehension. Is this common, and... more »
* Medication During the School Day
"My son needs a dose of medication at school, but administrators won't take responsibility. What... more »
* Treating Asthma and ADHD
"How do I treat my son's ADHD when he takes steroids for his lung problems?"... more »
* Can Childhood Trauma Cause ADD?
"Are signs of ADHD caused by factors other than neurological problems?"... more »
* ADHD, Change in Medication & Learning Disabilities
"My nine-year-old son had to discontinue treatment, due to abnormal EKGs, and is now failing... more »
* Vitamins for Hyperactive Kids
"Do vitamins have a calming effect?" ... more »
* Desoxyn
"Can Desoxyn be used to treat ADD?"... more »
* ADHD and Genetics
"Is there anything my son and his wife can do to minimize the chances of... more »
* Adderall and The Menstrual Cycle
"My 13-year-old daughter takes Adderall, and it seems to affect her menstrual cycle."... more »
* Alternatives to Stimulants
"What alternatives to Ritalin are available to my 11-year-old son?" ... more »
* Narcolepsy and ADD
"What's the link between narcolepsy and inattentive ADD?"... more »
* Adderall and Speech Apraxia
"Can my son be treated for both ADHD and speech problems?"... more »
* Preschoolers on Medication
"My four-year-old has been diagnosed with ADHD, and doctors have suggested Ritalin. What do you... more »
* Getting Through to Junior
"My 14-year-old son has been diagnosed with ADD, learning disabilities and a conduct disorder. He... more »
* Putting An End to Aggression at School
"Will medication control my daughter's aggression at school?" ... more »
* Tics as a Side Effect of Medication
"My son was given a higher dosage of medication, and now has trouble with his... more »
* Depakote and Tegretal
"What ADHD medication can be used with Tegretal and Depakote?" ... more »
* How to Discipline a Child with Comorbid Conditions
"My son was diagnosed with severe onset O.C.D., anxiety disorder, and ADHD. How do I... more »
* Tourette's and AD/HD
"Could my five-year-old son's facial tics and hyperactivity be Tourette's?" ... more »
* Behavioral Changes In Teenage Daughter
"My daughter has become sexually active, with no regard to consequences."... more »
* Helping Teens with Conduct Disorders
"My 17-year-old ADDer is oppositional. He has skipped school and run away from home." ... more »
* Reading Disorders and ADHD
"My eight-year-old has trouble reading. I recently read about a sight problem called convergence that... more »
* Taking a Child Off Ritalin
"Our doctor wants to take my daughter off Ritalin, even though it helps her. I... more »
* ADD and EEG Neurofeedback
"My children have had success with EEG neurofeedback training. Why don't more doctors offer this... more »
* Storing and Using the Daytrana Patch
"I've had trouble peeling off the protective covering on the Daytrana patch. Any suggestions?" ... more »
* Bipolar or ADHD?
"What's the difference between ADD and bipolar disorder?"... more »
* Self Diagnosis
"I took a stimulant and fell asleep immediately. Does this confirm my ADHD?"... more »
* Pycnogenol and Alternative Treatments
"Can you tell me about Pycnogenol and Maquelier's OPC (pine bark extract and grape seed... more »
* Strattera: What You Need to Know
Dr. Larry Silver explains what doctors know about the non-stimulant treatment... more »
* Where Do I Go From Here?
"My 10-year-old son may have ADHD, but his doctor says there's no definitive test. What... more »
* Developing a Tolerance for Adderall?
"My current dose of Adderall is less effective than it had been when I started... more »
* Concerns About the Diagnostic Process
"I realize that ADHD is often over-diagnosed as well as under-diagnosed. As a social worker,... more »
* Daytime Wetting - Medical or Psychological?
"My son, an 8-year-old on Adderall, has been wetting his pants. How can I break... more »
* Mixing Medication with Alcohol
"Should I refrain from taking my ADD medication on days I plan to drink alcohol?"... more »
* How Much Ritalin Is Enough?
"I'm 39 and started taking Ritalin 2 weeks ago. How do I find the right... more »
* When Teens Refuse ADD medications
"Why has my son stopped taking his medication?"... more »
* The Consequences of Untreated ADHD
"I have a son who was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 8. We didn't... more »
* 3 Keys to Mindful Medication
"I have been on Adderall for several months, and I don't think it's working. Should... more »
* Should My Grandson Be a Zombie?
"Last night I observed my grandson after he took his medication. Should medication be causing... more »
* Kindergarten Teacher Asks About ADD medications
"In my classroom, I have two children with ADHD. I need information about medications and... more »
* Do Medications “Cure” ADD?
"Will Strattera permanently correct a chemical imbalance in the brain? Or does it just "mask"... more »
* Ritalin and Growth of Children
"Is there a link between Ritalin and growth problems?" ... more »
* Is The Medication Working?
"How do I know when we've found the right medication and dosage?"... more »
* Questions About Concerta.
Your questions about Concerta, answered... more »
* Side Effects of Adderall
"My son has had side effects since he started medication, but his doctor says they're... more »
* Medication Choices
"My son tried Adderall, but started squinting. What do you recommend for a child who... more »
* Too Much Medication? Or the Wrong Kind?
"My medication no longer works. I've had to escalate the dose, but feel like a... more »
* Identifying Learning Disabilities
"How can one differentiate between lack of focus related to dyslexia and that related to... more »
* Does Medication Delay Puberty?
"My 14 year-old seems to be slow with his puberty. Is there any chance Adderall... more »
* How Can We Help Our Troubled Child?
"Our 11-year-old son has been under psychiatric care for 5 years, but is still unhappy... more »
* When Medication Causes Stuttering
"Is Wellbutrin causing my stuttering?"... more »
* ADHD Medication and Smoking
"I have been taking stimulant since last year, and notice an increased desire to smoke."... more »
* Dose Differences
"My son was taking a short-acting stimulant, which improved his symptoms, but his doctor switched... more »
* Drug Screening Dilemma
"Will the stimulant medication that I take show up in a potential employer's drug test?"... more »
* Repetitive Speech
"Is repetitive speech due to my son's medicine, his ADD, or something else?"... more »
* Eating Sensitivity
"My daughter has always been a picky eater. Now at 15, she takes a long-acting... more »
* More Fun Without medications?
"My 18-year-old stopped taking his ADHD medications because his friends told him he was "more... more »
* medications and Migraines
"Can ADHD cause migraine headaches?"... more »
* New Problems With medications
"I've been taking the same dosage for years with no problems, but recently I've become... more »
* New Doctor, Old Problem
"I'm unhappy with our pediatrician and the medication our daughter takes. How can I find... more »
* How Many Appointments Do I Need?
"Our pediatrician requires my four ADHD sons to have screenings every three months. Is this... more »
* Negative Response to medications
"I began taking a stimulant, and I experienced anxiety, depression, and crying spells. Does this... more »
* When To Increase Dosage
"My son's doctor says to take the minimum dose of a stimulant for 30 days,... more »
* Comorbid Conditions and ADD medications
"Will ADHD medication help me stop picking at my skin? I've dealt with this, as... more »
* medications: Covering the School Day
"My son takes a small dose of Focalin before school. His teacher says that he... more »
* Best Medication for Inattentive ADD
"My daughter was recently diagnosed with inattentive ADD. Is it true that medication is less... more »
* Pregnancy and ADHD medications
"Can I safely continue my medication while I am pregnant or nursing?"... more »
* Depakote plus Concerta?
"Depakote made my son more aggressive, and the doctor prescribed Concerta to counteract that behavior... more »
* A Sweet Tooth
"My daughter craves sweets, but has little appetite when she's on her medication. Does ADHD... more »
* Mixing medications
"My client takes a stimulant, as well as a painkiller and sleeping pills. I think... more »
* Pushing Antidepressants
"Some of the physicians I've seen have tried to force antidepressants on me, despite an... more »
* A Weighty Concern
"My 9-year-old has ADD. He is overweight, and we were told that a stimulant may... more »
* Skipping Strattera Doses
"My 20-year-old daughter takes Strattera, but skips her medication on weekends. Is this risky?"... more »
* Safe Driving vs. Insomnia
"The stimulant I take makes it hard to fall asleep, but I'm a safer driver... more »
* Medication Switcheroo
"After only two doses of a long-acting stimulant, I felt like a new person. I... more »
* Fear of Addiction
"I used to be addicted to opiates and painkillers, and my doctor has prescribed a... more »
* Delayed Puberty?
"Our 13-year-old son shows no sign of puberty. Could his medications be causing a delay?"... more »
* Try a Tricyclic
"My 10-year-old has tried several stimulant medications, and the side effects always outweigh the benefits... more »
* Icy Extremities
"Our son has had extremely cold hands and feet since he began taking Strattera. Is... more »
* O.K. to Donate Blood
"I recently started taking a short-acting stimulant. Am I still allowed to donate blood?" ... more »
* Fast Pulse
"Can stimulant medications cause a rapid pulse? I'm worried about giving stimulants to my son."... more »
* ADHD and Bed Wetting
"Our 10-year-old son still wets his bed, yet a urologist could find nothing wrong. Could... more »
* Responsible for Taking Medication
"My 12-year-old has been taking ADHD medication for five years. Is he old enough to... more »
* Tough Morning Routine
"My teenage son has a hard time waking up each morning. Could this be caused... more »
* Recently Diagnosed, ADA Information
"I've just been diagnosed with ADHD. Am I entitled to special accommodations at work?"... more »
* Medication and Seizures
"My daughter has been treated for seizures, and her neurologist said Strattera could cause more... more »
* Medicating Young Children
"Our three-year-old shows signs of ADHD. Is he too young to be diagnosed with ADHD... more »
* Increased Appetite
"Do stimulants ever cause an increase in appetite? My son has gained weight since he... more »
* ADHD and Sensory Integration Dysfunction
"A counselor has suggested having my son tested for Sensory Integration Dysfunction. Could this be... more »
* Ending a Long-Term Drug Treatment
"I've been taking Dexedrine since being diagnosed with ADD nine years ago. Will I be... more »
* Medication After School
"I think our son needs medication only for the school day. What do you recommend?"... more »
* Treating Two Conditions
"I take medication for bipolar disorder. Is it safe to take a stimulant for ADHD,... more »
* Poor Prescriptions
"I've tried various drugs to treat my ADHD, but they all seem to put me... more »
* The Feingold Diet
"My kids are on the Feingold Diet, and it appears to have cured their ADHD... more »
* Stimulant Addiction
"My 16-year-old says he needs two or three times his prescribed dose to stay awake... more »
* Switching to Stimulants
"I've been taking antidepressants for years, but now my doctor says I have ADHD and... more »
* Stimulants and Reflux
"Is ADHD medication to blame for my daughter's stomach aches?" ... more »
* Are Drug Holidays Safe?
"My son feels sick whenever he takes time off from his stimulant. Is this the... more »
* Former Drinking Problem
"Does my past addiction put me at risk if I take the stimulant my doctor... more »
* Auditory Hallucinations
"My daughter says she hears imaginary voices. Is this a side effect of her medication?"... more »
* Stimulant Dosage
"My son takes a larger dose than my friend's son, even though they share similar... more »
* Stimulants and Nausea
"Could my medication be causing my nausea and fatigue?"... more »
* Daytrana Skin Patch
"Why is the Daytrana skin patch considered less likely to be abused than pills? And... more »
* How to Stop Appetite Loss
"I’m worried about my 10-year-old. He hasn’t gained any weight in the two years he’s... more »
* Daytrana Side Effects
"How does the Daytrana skin patch work? What side effects does it cause?"... more »
* How Can I Tell if the medications Work?
"How can I tell if my five-year-old's AD/HD medication is working?"... more »
* Does Coffee Improve Focus?
"Is it true that caffeine can help children focus?"... more »
* Stimulant Drug Interactions
"Is it safe to take a stimulant while being treated for high cholesterol and blood... more »
* Stimulants: Short-Term Fix? Or Lifelong Drug?
"Are stimulants generally taken for just a short period, or will I take this pill... more »
* Are Dosages Based on Weight?
"If AD/HD medication dosages aren't calculated by weight, why did my doctor weigh me before... more »
* Refusing to Get Help
"Therapists have suggested that my son has ADHD, but he's too embarrassed to see a... more »
* How medications Affect Personality
"Will I think different thoughts or lose my sense of humor by taking a stimulant?"... more »
* Time to Go Off-Label?
"My seven-year-old developed a tic after he started taking a stimulant. Should we try a... more »
* Alternatives to Swallowing Pills
"My 10-year-old can't swallow the pill his doctor prescribed. What can we do?"... more »
* Vitamins & Stimulants: A Bad Interaction?
"I heard recently that vitamin supplements interact with stimulant medication. Is that true?"... more »
* Homeopathy for ADHD?
"Can homeopathy really help my son with ADHD?"... more »
* Rebounding on medications
"My 10-year-old son whines, cries, and so on, as his medication wears off in the... more »
* Understanding medications
"Are different medications prescribed for ADD and AD/HD? My doctor prescribed Adderall, but I'm not... more »
* Finally Ready to Get Help
"My 19-year-old has agreed to see a doctor after years of depression and marijuana use... more »
* Smart, with a "Glitch"?
"My 18-year-old daughter graduated with honors but her teacher recommends getting her tested for AD/HD... more »
* When to Reduce Dosage
"My son has had a hard time falling asleep since our doctor increased his dosage... more »
* Should medications improve handwriting?
"ADHD medication improved my eight-year-old's attention, but not his handwriting. What should I do?"... more »
* Doctor or Patient: Who Knows Best?
"Can I ask my doctor to increase the dosage of my medication?"... more »
* Mixing Imipramine and Stimulants
"Can we keep our son on Imipramine to stop his bed-wetting, in addition to giving... more »
* Long-Term Concerta Use
"Is it true that long-term use of Concerta can cause 'burnout' of the adrenal glands?"... more »
* Persistent Sleep Troubles
"My son takes Strattera, as well as clonidine for his sleep problems, but it hasn't... more »
* Dry Mouth as a Side Effect
"My stimulant gives me dry mouth, and I've had many cavities in recent years. Could... more »
* When Everyone Knows the 'Answer'
"As ADHD receives more media attention, all of a sudden, everyone seems to know the... more »
* "My Son Takes 8 Pills a Day!"
"My son now takes two types of ADHD medications, plus six other pills to 'manage... more »
* Foods That Interfere
"Fatty foods seem to lessen the effects of my stimulant medication. Do you know of... more »
* Caffeine as a Treatment
"Can caffeine be used to treat AD/HD symptoms?"... more »
* A Teen's Reluctance to Take Medication
"My 13-year-old has been throwing away his AD/HD pills. How can I get him to... more »
* When Strattera Isn't Enough
"My son's doctor suggests a small dose of a stimulant in addition to his Strattera... more »
* medications During Pregnancy
"Can pregnant women take modafinil, which the FDA may soon approve for treatment of AD/HD?"... more »
* Controlling Anxiety
"My 18-year-old becomes anxious as her stimulant wears off. What's going on?"... more »
* The School's Responsibility
"The school nurse was out today, so my daughter didn't get her AD/HD medication. How... more »
* Do Young Kids Need medications?
"My son started taking a stimulant for his ADHD, but didn't like it, so we... more »
* When to Give Kids Another Dose
"Is Adderall causing my seven-year-old son to act out?" ... more »
* Getting Adequate Care Overseas
"I recently moved to England, and I’m having trouble finding a doctor who’s knowledgeable about... more »
* Strattera for Comorbidities
"My son suffers from ADHD and anxiety. His doctor prescribed Strattera. Is this the best... more »
* Persistent Tics
"My son developed a severe tic after he started taking a stimulant. He stopped taking... more »
* Long-Term Effects of Stimulants
"My 11-year-old has been taking a stimulant for two years. How much longer should he... more »
* Medication for Learning Disabilities?
"Why are there medications to treat ADHD but none to treat learning disabilities?"... more »
* Sleep Strategies for Restless Kids
"My six-year-old has a hard time falling asleep at night, and she often wakes up... more »
* How to Treat Diabetic ADDers
"My 11-year-old son, who has type-I diabetes, was just diagnosed with ADHD. Is it safe... more »

Tools & Checklists

* When a 'Tween Is Reluctant to Take medications
How to respond when a tween insists he no longer needs medication... more »

... And More

* Time To Give Your Child A Medicine Break?
Read this before considering a "medication vacation" for your child this summer... more »