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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by artana, Nov 5, 2008.

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    I'm less than impressed. I thought I was going to meet with a psychologist/psychiatrist. Instead, it was a therapist. Without a diagnosis from a psychiatric., my son is not eligible for the numerous services that PA offers to help children. So, I have to find someone who can diagnose difficult child officially in some way.
    I was also put off by the way she immediately started pushing drugs, and talked about behavioral therapy as something "difficult". I have nothing against trying drugs after we ascertain that behavior modifications do not work, but I didn't like the immediate push.
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    I'm sorry things didn't go very well. Hopefully you find the right doctor to do a full evaluation & it will point you in the right direction ;)
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    Hi! I also would recommend a psychologist with a PhD to do full neuropsychological testing. I would suggest doing that before evening starting with a therapist, unless you have a major issue that needs to be discussed with someone right away. The testing will pinpoint any problems, particualrly the types of things that can affect a kid's school performance and the results should include suggestions for accommodations at school.

    Good luck! Oh, you can call a children's hospital or teaching hospital and ask for a psychologist they would recommend. Or, if you have faith in the pediatrician they could recommend someone.
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    I recommend a neuropsychologist over a regular Psychologist--that is a Psychologist with extra training in the brain. They do fantastic evaluations...long and intensive. Many of us favor them over others. Unfortunately, so many professionals have no idea how to test our kids...and that really holds them back. Good luck.