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    My son just turned six and we are having major meltdowns....he is on Ritilan 20 mg 1 a day and melatonin at night to help sleep. He gets very irritable and irate and even mean to me....I'm about to pull my hair out...not sure what kind of discipline...nothing seems to work....any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.....
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    Hi! Welcome to our little corner of the world! Sounds like you're just about at the end of your rope...who diagnosed the ADHD? I would recommend that you look into having a neuropsychologist done so that you're sure that they've caught any and all issues.

    Take a look at Ross Greene's "The Explosive Child". Many of us had some good results.

    I've got to go...WWIII is breaking out in the living room...again...

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    Can you tell us more about his development and issues?