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I am new here. I have a 16 son who has ODD. We are researching options to help him. Has anyone looked into residential programs? Or a Mental Inpatient program?

My son has always been challanging, but now, he is refusing to stay here and abide by the rules. He went to his grandparent's house where he has no rules and got into trouble with the police.

I am very excited I found this site, I will have to post more about us later.



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Welcome to the group. My kids are young still so I'm afraid I haven't hit those troubles yet. I'm sure more will be along shortly to offer advice and welcomes.


There are parents on this board with experience with-Residential Treatment Center (RTC), children in pysch hospitals, etc. They'll be along.

Wanted to say welcome!


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Hi and welcome! Who diagnosed your son and is he on any medications? Is substance abuse involved? Any psychiatric/neurological problems on the family tree? Substance abuse?
You may want to do a signature like I have below. It will help us, if we can see the family history.


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Welcome! I am glad you found us.

I have similar questions as above - who diagnosed? any medications?

Also, it is common for ODD to have a comorbid diagnosis along with it. Some say ODD is a description of the behavior that comes along with other mental health issues such as: ADHD, Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety, etc.

Some also say it is the result of poor parenting - we do not believe this here. We came here out of desperation, such as yourself, and know in our hearts we have tried every possible parenting technique to help our kids. There is no magic bullet. Some things work for some kids, sometimes nothing works. medications seem to make the biggest impact for the quality of our kids lives.

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