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My son has stolen my car in the middle of the night 3 times (that I am aware of). He has left the house in the middle of the night many times also.
He's 14.
I had a calm conversation with him yesterday and he told me that he feels anxiety, then feels the urge to leave with my car, then he said he will be in the car driving and kind of realizes what he is doing and thinks "what am I doing this for?" Then, he gets a rush of adrenalin and he likes how that feels.
He told me that he will go pick up a kid or some kids - they pay him money he goes to a drug house buys pot and then sells it to the kids for a profit. He said it is something that he is good at and that the rush is the payoff and the money!
He's 14.

Lord help us!

Marcie Mac

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Aside from all of the legal ramifications which are mind boggling, would strongly suggest that you sleep with your keys, and your credit cards, and your cash and put a very loud alarm on your door. I would think if he got caught driving your car, and they found out you knew not once but three times, your car would be history.

I caught mine one time when he was 16 when he took his brothers car to go round the corner and he has never ever again gotten an opportunity to even have a key in his possession other than the house key. As I recall, there was no "calm" conversation and I had to be peeled off the ceiling at the time.



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I agree with Marcie. You need to make it totally impossible for him to get his hands on this car. I would go out and get one of those things you put on the stearing wheel so he can't even hotwire it.

Is he seeking any kind of counseling. The fact that he is so open with you about his feelings tells me he's screaming for help.


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My difficult child was a car thief as well......took my brand new vehicle for days on end....... :nonono:
He may have a copy of your car key.........
I would put a club-like device on the steering wheel, sleep with my keys and put in an ignition kill switch...... :grrr:
My difficult child got one of my cars in an accident....yes, it was her fault!!!!! :nonono: My car insurance went thru the roof. :hammer:
You don't want him to hurt himself or anyone else.....make sure he can't get the car. And the adrenaline rush pure difficult child. :grrr:
Lord, Help Us All!

Melissa :angel:


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I know,I know,I know....

I think we have been in denial. We get lulled into thinking everything is going fine and then BAM! he does it again. I normally do sleep with my purse and I have a lock box for any medication here that he could possibly abuse or "get high" on.
My husband said he is going to wire an alarm and until we do, we alternate sleeping on the couch - as he would have to go through the living room to get to either door.
He did this the night before we were to leave on vacation for the 4th. I told him we would deal with it when we came back. The night we did come back he assumed all had been forgotten and he asked to "chill" with a friend. I told him that we hadn't forgotten about the "incident" and no, he could not go "chill". He left the house anyway and stayed out all night and we had to call the police. He finally came home the next morning. That's when we had the "calm" conversation and I felt it was a success since he opened up so much.
He is in counseling (we all are) and I told his therapist all about it. He has an appointment tomorrow. We're also sending him on a month long Intercept program through Outward Bound in August.
My husband I learning that he really has a disability and that we need to behave accordingly.
Thanks for all of your comments and support, this board has been a godsend!

PS: Marcie- I have a pitbull mix also-he's the sweetest bull in a china shop that I've ever met....


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you will lose your house if he hits someone with the car.

ant used to take off too. he stole my car for 9 dys, no word. put "the club" on the car.