Adult Child Stealing from Parents

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    You are far braver than I! My son steals too, on a large scale. Asperger's, eidetic memory {so no credit card or account number is safe}, needs an epipen, just over 5 feet tall, bullied a lot. He refuses to go to the Asperger therapist.
    Stole from his job. Did a few weeks in jail, came home unable to move his right arm, loose teeth, lost 15 pounds and didn't talk for a week. His face was beaten so bad, and I am certain he was raped, he has had bowel problems since. He's angry at us for not helping him.
    Tried local mental health, they say he has to be referred by a judge to get into the free program, and because of his stealing we can no longer pay for private treatment.
    Now I wake up in a panic in the middle of the night check all my accounts, and fret knowing what I have to do and that it could be a death sentence. He is on probation, so if I turn him in it will be real jail time, but he has emptied all our accounts.
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