Adult Outcomes Survey: Thank You & Please HELP!

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  1. Mary

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    Hello all,

    My name is Mary & I am a graduate student on Martie's research team. Martie and I and a few of my fellow students worked for several months working on the concepts and writing questions for the Adult Outcomes Survey. I want to thank those of you who have already taken the time to reflect and complete the survey. Your time, and thoughtful help is greatly appreciated!

    Working with Martie for the last year I have heard much about this site and have read for myself the numerous difficult questions and concerns parents raise each day as well as the outpouring of support and advice from fellow parents. You likely post replies to each other because you know that each of your experiences may help other parents going through similar situations with their children.

    It is this knowledge that led us to wonder what factors tend to lead to positive adulthood experiences for children with troubling emotional and behavioral problems throughout their youth. What activities, services, programs, therapies, interventions, or parenting strategies can parents use to effect good outcomes for their children? Our hope with the Adult Outcomes Survey is to extend the reach of this goal and collect a large amount of information to inform an even greater number of parents, teachers, psychologists, and advocates on how best to help our children.

    Though I am young and it is early in my career working with children with emotional and behavioral problems, I have seen how frustrating, exhausting, lonely and (sometimes) rewarding parenting a difficult child can be. I sincerely hope that all of you with children who are old enough (17 or older) will take the time to participate in our survey and help us continue to gather and build a body of research to help benefit younger children with emotional and behavioral problems.

    If you have not yet begun the survey please click the link below and start as soon as possible. Based on our previous survey work that the members of helped with, we have been accepted to present our findings from this new survey at a national conference of school psychologists in February and in order to have enough information to share with child service professionals from all over the country, WE MUST HAVE YOUR HELP NOW!!! The research process is a slow one, but you have the opportunity to know that if you choose to participate in our survey your responses WILL be shared with the school psychology community only a few months from now.

    Please complete the survey as soon as you can and encourage any other parents with eligible adolescent or adult children (17 or older) to do so as well!

    Thank you again, sincerely, for your help!

    Mary Satchwell

    Adult Outcomes Survey
  2. Mary

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    Fran made a wonderful suggestion that I update everyone on how many surveys we have so far to keep you posted (& motivated!).

    So far we have 60 completed surveys and 21 partially finished. We're still shooting for 100 completed as soon as possible to get some good data to analyze and share with all of you and our fellow school psychologists.

    Thanks again to all of you who've already completed the survey!

  3. Fran

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    Great news. Hope no one leaves the site today without filling out the survey.
  4. DDD

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    Hip Hip Hooray! The 2nd one is finished.

    I don't know if it was my computer or the program but...I could
    not recapture the first try to complete the survey. Both
    times there were problems moving forward to the next screen...
    not every time but frequently.

    Anyway, lol, I kept my promise. Phew/Whew! DDD
  5. Mary

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    Thanks for hanging in there and completing the survey a 2nd time! We truly appreciate your persistence and are sorry for the glitches.

  6. Martie

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    I changed the setting so that you could complete a second time. Obviously, that setting is not without its problems.

    Thanks for your persistence.

  7. Martie

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  8. SomewhereOutThere

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    I started a survey, then when I came back to finish it, it was gone. I thought the survey was saved if you stopped it and wanted to start it again. That discouraged me so I didn't start it again. How do you save the survey? It's so long--I can't do it in one sitting.
  9. Mary

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    I'm VERY sorry to hear that you had trouble re-starting the survey. It should have saved your responses if you were on the same computer, but it's possible if you're on a computer attached to a network that the survey site didn't recognize you as being at the same computer.

    Here's an option for you to complete the survey without having to do it all over again:

    1) Re-enter the survey.
    2) Respond as you did previously for the questions on the first four or five pages.
    3) Then skip ahead by just hitting "Next Page" until you get to where you stopped previously. If you get to a question with an *, mark "I prefer not to respond."
    5) Once you get to where you left off, continue completing the survey.

    If you are able to do this we may be able to track down your first survey responses and match them up with the rest of your responses. Again, I am so sorry for the inconvenience. We really appreciate your patience and hope you'll take some time to finish the survey.

    Thanks again,

  10. SomewhereOutThere

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    Thanks, Mary. LOL, I don't remember where I left off. I'll try again. I do have a grown daughter who had some rocky times :smile: I have stuff to share.
  11. Mary

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    Hello All,

    Thank you again to the 80 of you who have completed the Adult Outcomes Survey!

    We also have 33 started surveys yet to be finished, so if you have started, PLEASE take some time to finish the survey as soon as you can. We're very eager to analyze the data and hope we can reach our goal of 100 or more soon!

    Thanks again,


    Survey Link:
  12. Fran

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    :bravo: We are getting there.
    Hope the other 33 finish this up so you can go about making wonderful discoveries that will help all of us.

    Come on guys. Just finish up and we can stop bugging you. Martie needs your input. Without those who started the survey, Martie may not be able to compile the statistics she needs. You would hate to think you impeded research that will help your kids or your grandkids. :sword: Be a warrior mom and step up. Finish the study if you started and start one if you hadn't contributed yet.

    You dads out there need to help, too. It's a chance to give back to the group.