Advantage II for cats offer

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    I have a certificate to get 2 free tubes when you buy 6 or 1 free tube when you buy 4. Looks like you take it with you to the vet to buy it with your info filled out, then the vet fills out their part and sends it in (not too clear, hopefully you or your vet can figure it out). My cat doesn't go outside except for a few minutes on the balcony here and there, so I don't use anything like this. If anyone wants this I'll be happy to mail it to you. The offer expires Sept 30.
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    Bumping this since no one has shown interest yet.
  3. Star*

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    My cat is evil and I hope her fur rots off. mwhahahahah ........mwhahaha........

    ugh...actually ole Fiesta cat does diotamateous earth.....she doesn't know it or she wouldn't eat it - and DF doesn't know it or he would SWEaR she woudln't take it ---they are so much alike it's catty.

    Oh and since I got her cat snacks.....guess who is the preferred parent?? HuH? Yeah that's right baby....I bought the snacks........and she is going right to......DF. (witch)
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    Sounds like a normal cat to me, lol.
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    I go to the shelter JUST TO GET strange smell all over me----from other LOVING cats that actually come sit in my lap and purr and love me......I'm looking for a polydactyl, black, boy cat.....that loves. I had a gray and white cat that followed me home, and loved me....but he swatted Casper for some reason and we has to find him a new home because Casper was going to eat him. 5 years of carrying around kittens and newborns in that gigantic steamshovel of a mouth (the American Bulldog male) and this ONE kitten that I loved to pieces "Woody" just decided one day to slice Caspers nose open and that was it! Woody was no longer welcome.

    Then Fiesta Cat "Piper" was thrown away by someone in a Popeyes chicken box and thrown in a dumpster at a pipe company and feral as a tornado - so before they put her to sleep? i took her home. She rules those dogs. But won't have a thing to do with me. The only time she has had anything to do with me is when she got into a fight with a racoon and it sliced her face wide open and I had to hold her for surgery while the vet put her sinus cavity back in her head and her eyeball and stitched her back up. Then she didn't want DF. She wanted me. After surgery? DF....and since then? DF. So I told him I want MY OWN cat lol. A nice cat, a love cat....a cuddler with extra toes....and since black cats always get put down more than others - a black one. And polydactyl because they always want to declaw them and I won't have one declawed - so I'm on the list....last time one came around? I couldn't afford it got bumped and working my way back to the top. I can't imagine it's a long long list - no one wants black cats. Too bad - they're so beautiful and I told them the bigger the better. Fiesta cat is small - and mean. lol
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    I would love a black cat. Closest I've ever gotten is a mostly black calico.
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    Ahhhhh...............did I hear you say you want Bruce? Or perhaps Minnie? Minnie is in need of someone to cuddle with.......she's a mega cuddler given half the chance. And she gets along with dogs. She's even got Rowdy wrapped and that's not easy for a cat to do. And something keeps hurting her........she had that horrid gaping wound (huge, I seriously thought she was a goner) on her neck last fall. Doctored it as best she would let me.......Betsy was all super protective of her.......over the winter it healed up so beautifully without hint of infection. Suddenly, omg, whatever got her before got her again. We're back to major open wound in the exact same spot.

    Only black cat I ever had was Shadow......she was basically feral too. Not a lovin cuddle cat, but she would let you pet her occasionally.

    I don't even like cats. Unfortunately they seem to LOVE me. I think they're trying to impress me with how wonderful they are. lol
  8. Star*

    Star* call 911

    I have never been a cat person....But I have NEVER been a person that allowed critters to be abused or ignored either. NO KIND. Piper is no dummy - she skates by on earning her keep and trust me when I say skates - she's got cat belly - and we tried giving her new sedentary cat food for house-bound cats to help. What did she do to counter that? Well no-dummy cat went perusing the neighborhood and helps herself to the neighbors cats dish (kept outside). The dogs told on her. Then she helps herself to the DOGS high-protein food. We free feed so there is no stopping her from that. She was looking svelte and now she looks like a Velvet Elvis. Again. Multi colored and heavy with painted calico colors.

    As far as affectionate. I have no idea why she is so non-affectionate. She is semi-affectionate to DF but ONLY when I'm in the room and ONLY if I'm watching her cuddle up to him and she'll look back to see if I'm watching her love him. It's hysterical really - but I thought there would be loyalty since I saved her, bathed her, buy her food, and nope. Nada. She is a cat. But when I go to the shelter and come home smelling like a cat - the dogs go nuts, and then she'll make her way over and has to get right on top of me - I'll put her off me, and she'll make her way back, and I'll put her off - she can't smell real well after her surgery. But I think if I brought another cat home now? She'd run away or be VERY aggressive towards it. She's a queen for sure. So I think it keeps the kitten drops down to a balance of zero -lol. I would bet there have been cats dropped off here - but our guess is that she's run them off nastily. Worse than the pitbulls. lol.