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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by shelliebean32, Oct 11, 2007.

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    Has anyone's child tried Vyvanse? If so can you tell me what you think of it? My 9 yr. is currently on 54mg concerta and i don't like it or at least it doesn't suit him well. I would like to find something else with a lower dose. He has tried adderall but that didnt work well either. He was on concerta 36mg for a year it worked great until he seemed to become immune to it or something. His school teacher called me up one day( a couple of weeks ago) and told me she can't get him to stay in his seat and he was playing with anything he could get his hands on.So thats how he got to the 54 mg of concerta. It seems to me even though its a higher dose his behavior has worsened. I dislike giving him high doses of anything anyways.There must be something else he can try. He has an appointment with his doctor tuesday and i thought about asking him about Vyvanse. So if anyone has tried it please tell me what you think. Thank you for your time.
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    I haven't heard of that drug. Must be new. I hope you can find something. Every child is different.

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    Welcome! Vyvanse is similar to long-acting Adderall. It is relatively new on the market. There are a few members on the board whose kids are using it. Hope they see your post and weigh in.
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    Vyvance is the dimesylate salt of lisdexamfetamine. Adderall is mixed amphetamine salts, none of which are lisdexamfetamine.
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    My 10 year old has been on it for the past four weeks and so far, I've been impressed. This is his first stimulant, but he's been on other medications (abilify, straterra, tenex, and zoloft). The lowest dosage is 30 mg. I'm opening up the pill and putting it into chocolate pudding...and pouring some out so as to not give the full dosage. I wanted to start out low do to side effects and family history of tics. I have not seen the negative rebound effect often seen around the 5:00 hour--and it does appear to be long acting as he's been able to do his homeowrk and practice his instrument in the evening....I've actaully had a few unsolicited compliments since starting the medication. Its' helping him with sustained attention, impulse control and activity level.....and his teacher has even noticed improvements with his writing--I will probably try the full dosage in the next few weeks.

    However, since it's new, the insucrance company/pharmacy is charging a premium. According to my drug plan I typically pay $5.00-$15.00 per perscription and this one costs $25.00.

    I'm quite pleased that we trialed Vyvanse and so it my son.
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    Hi Shelly

    I have no personal experience with Vyvanse, but wanted to let you know that there is a Search feature in the menu line at the top of the page that might help you get some experiences from prior posts. When I plugged Vyvanse in, I believe the oldest post regarding this medication was from May 2007.

    Also wanted to add my hello and welcome! :smile: