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    Went to conf and teacher posed a question about my son. Diagnosed with ADHD/ODD at 6. He is now 10 Teacher asked if i had ever asked anything about asbergers. Now I said no I had not, so of course went home and did some research does anyone know anything more about this. We have a Dr's appointment coming up but I was curious has anyone seen that situation before. He has been on concerta a low dose and he seems to fit some of both in reading the symptoms. Am wondering would concerta have any effect on asbergers is it possible for a child to have mild asbergers and still be ADHD? AM I just playing way out in left field??
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    Who did the diagnosis back when he was 6?
    Red flag for me is the ODD diagnosis... usually, it stands for "something else" but the person doing the diagnosis doesn't know what that something else is...

    It is NOT unusual to start with one diagnosis, and then end up somewhere else... or like us, start with a diagnosis and end up with half a dozen.

    Might be a good time to consider a getting a comprehensive evaluation... at this age, there are more established trends and patterns, and tests are available now that were not around 4 years ago...
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    There are a lot of people here who have children with Aspergers, you will get a LOT of very good advice. They are all awesome.

    Welcome to our corner of the world.
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    The Dr who did the diagnosis was in middle of nowhere which may explain a lot, def gonna ask for further testing at this point cant hurt and worst case they just reconfirm what we already know. I really wish I had noticed this sooner.
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    A good rule of thumb is that if you ever got an ADHD diagnosis but the child is not only hyperactive...he also has no clue how to socialize appropriately with his same age peers, it is likely Aspergers. This does not mean that the child is shy. Some are very outgoing, although some ARE shy. Being socially appropriate is different from being friendly. ADHD/ODD is usually the first diagnosis an Aspie gets. ADHD behaviors goes hand-in-hand with any part of the spectrum. So it's an easy mistake to make. However...there is more than just hyperactivity.

    If he had speech delays early on, even a bigger red flag for part of the spectrum, even if they corrected themselves. If the child can not transition without a! you have another big red flag. These kids tend to be naive, very (for lack of a better real word) UNstreetsmart and are often bullied. Many are described as quirky. I think maybe all are described as They are :)

    Aspergers is not treated with medication although half of the autistic spectrum kids are on medications for various symptoms. My son just recently started a low dose stimulant after being off stims since age five (he is 18 now). The best treatment for any disorder on the autism spectrum are school and community interventions such as Occupational Therapist (OT), PT, social skills classes, some k ids do ok in therapy if the therapist understands the spectrum, and school supports. A neuropsychologist is the best professional to diagnose this (and Aspergers, unlike other autistic disorders, is usually not diagnosed until the child is older and it becomes apparent that this child does not understand social norms). My son was 11 when he finally was diagnosed, but we knew it was the right diagnosis.

    Others will come along. Keep us posted!
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    We all wish we'd gotten more sooner.

    My son was diagnosis'd ADHD and given medications (Concerta) that were worse than no medications for him. Got him to a neuropsychologist, and we got Fetal Alcohol, but... Aspie fits him better.

    I have a daughter who's gone from depressed to PTSD to multiple personalities to schizophrenic to bipolar with schizoaffective tendencies.

    It's like clothes. You have to look at a lot of different stuff, and ways of putting it together, before you check to see if it fits and looks good...
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    yes, you are not alone. It is very very common for kids with Aspergers, especially those with lighter symptoms (in a way) to look ADHD, Anxious and ODD. Really it is about how hey are perceiving the world. Things dont feel right, they dont interpret social situations (including school rules, subtle non written codes, how to maintain friendships and to be understanding of others etc.). Many have issues with transitions (changing classes, switching routines, going from place to place, waking in the morning and getting ready for school, etc.) Sensory issues are also common. motor challenges, especially fine motor problems can happen. Also there are processing issues like auditory and language processing problems. These things can all appear to be the child not being able to attend like ADHD. You will need help figuring out if he has one, the other, or both (or many, smile).

    There are lots of stories here, and many will post them for you. Your son is at an age where it is often finally figured out because there are more demands on kids socially and kids are expected to handle things with less support in class. The pont is, yes, he certainly can have both and it also can just be Aspergers that has not been appropriately accomodated for. It is wise to do as you are doing, have an evaluation. Many of us here use neuropsychological evaluations which look at most areas of development and connect the results with how the brain works. It helps to differentiate between the different diagnosis. It is a process.

    Let us know how things move. there will be many questions coming your way here....people have great experience and most of us have been thru it big time! dont be afraid to ask anything! Welcome!
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    That is actually a very typical pattern for boys with Aspergers -- an ADHD diagnosis as a young child and an Aspergers diagnosis between ages 9-11. Both of my boys have their Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) diagnosis and ADHD, it is also very common.
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    If you have a teacher in tune enough with your child at 10 to suggest the possibility of Asperger's, I'd start laying bets that's what it is.

    My son was diagnosed at 5 and my daughter is now 10 and although many had mentioned the possibility of Asperger's for her, i just didn't see it. She just had an evaluation done (I'm waiting on results) and the evaluator pointed out some definite *traits*. Once I was home I started reviewing her history looking at symptoms and how they would fit into an Asperger's diagnosis, and sure enough, I'm now convinced. (still have to wait for the results though)
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    Many of us have multiple diagnosis's. It is not uncommon for ADHD and AS to go together. Glad you have an on the ball teacher. DDD
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    For my two diagnosed on the spectrum ADHD was the starting diagnosis, and it's often what they diagnose first and then it turns out to aspergers. i'm currently in the process of getting my 5yo assessed even though i know his adhd is actually aspergers and my 2yo, i am trying not to admit though, that all 4 of them have it. *sigh* so yes, it is common and in young children especially the symptoms overlap alot. hyperactivity is a symptom of aspergers too so your child may not be adhd at all, just on the spectrum.