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    I just got news that I have been chosen to attend Pacer center's advocacy and leadership training next week. I am so excited and hope to learn tons so I can help you all here and in real life too. Now I have to decide if I want to go up the night before the conference and stay 2 nights. I'm pretty sure I'll just get up early the morning of the conference and drive up there then. The only issue I have with going the night before is noone to get difficult child up in the morning and out the door for school. His PCA will be there the night before, but works a full time job out of town so can't be there in the morning. She's also going to be there to get him supper and medications the Friday night and back again on Saturday morning. I may ask my brother to have him stay over the night before the conference so I can get out of town early and not have to drive 2 hours by 8 am.
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    Very cool ~ how long will you be in town? I'm over in St. Paul; maybe we can meet for coffee. by the way, I'm a member of that organization & have used advocates for IEPs & other information for the tweedles.

    Congrats on the training - please update us.
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    I'll be there Thursday night through Saturday afternoon. I'd love to get together for a chat. I'll send a pm with my cell number.