Affective psychosis not otherwise specified???

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    Please help!!

    I just looked up difficult child's EOB for her last appointment with her doctor.... that's the second diagnosis on there. The first was ADD with Hyperactivity and the third was family circumstance. Neither of those shocked me. difficult child had previously been diagnosised with ODD.... What does this mean? I am so shocked and scared right now...

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    Sounds like the doctor feels she has some sort of thought disorder and it looks like it runs in her family...Risperdal would help that. What kind of doctor does she see? Does she ever lose touch with reality or think she hears or sees things that others don't?

    NEVER freak out. There are good treatments for everything.
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    We are trying to get her off Risperdal. We see no benefits from it any more. We've been weaning her off of it since October. She wants off all her medications, but no way is she getting off of Vyvanse. She desparatley needs that. This is the 1st week she's been off of Risperdal, so we'll know more in the next few weeks of rather she needs it or not. There is just so much going on and now this... its really thrown me for a loop. I've told husband to call her doctor about this to find out what it all means.....
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    Calling the doctor is a good idea. You can get clarification. Remember...regardeless of diagnosis, your precious little girl is the same child she was before you read that diagnosis. I always like "one day at a time, one hour at a time." Take care :)
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    I'm wondering if the doctor applied the label because she was on risperdal... you know, "She takes X therefore she must have Y condition." Also with risperdal, since it is often prescribed for kids with ADHD but it is not specifically intended for them, doctors sometimes fudge the system by inventing a diagnosis to justify the prescription on paper, should they ever get investigated. We were actually asked if we wanted the doctor to do this, because if we had said yes, it's OK to give our boys a psychiatric diagnosis, then the risperdal would have been covered financially by Aussie health insurance.

    So don't panic, that might be all it is.

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    Thanks, Marg.

    I've put a call in to the doctor. Hoping she can clarify why the change. We didn't discuss this at all. Risperal has been covered under this insurance with no problems before. I'll rest a little bit easier once I talked to the doctor. I did a little bit of reading on this.. and some of it fits difficult child. So maybe its correct. I'll keep you posted.
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    Cory's first mood disorder diagnosis was Bipolar with psychotic thought disorder. That sounds about like the same thing. Just a more clinical way to put it. Cory has never had a true psychotic episode. Not what you think of as one. He just thinks a bit different than a normal person. Most of the time you just shake your head because what he says is just not normal. Like, he lets his girlfriend rule his life and that makes absolutely no sense to me. He cant make rationale decisions. Lets allow an ex boyfriend of his girlfriend to bring a dog here because this ex boyfriend moved somewhere but Cory never even asked me and now this stupid dog has about torn my door off the hinges, gotten into fights with my dog and has killed all Corys chickens! But will he make the guy come get his dog? No! Will I make the dog disappear by Friday? Yes!

    I mean Cory's girlfriend still has her old email of JustinlovesMandy@whateverdotcom Can you imagine that? But she would stab him if he had Coryloveslindsay. OMG, he isnt even allowed to talk to his baby's mom or even go to her house to pick up his child! Thats irrational thinking. I would so be done with someone who treated me that way.
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    What type of physician are you using? Sometimes it is necessary to step it up to a more qualified expert. Is she being seen by a child Psychiatrist?

    Also, I noted that you said she wants off all medication. Sorry Charlie. A ten year old is not capable of making life impacting choices. Almost all of our children have said the same thing. on the other hand, it's important for her to know that her parents are making the choices for her wll being and that she can make the choices when she is an adult. Sometimes thre are side effects from an Rx that need to be avoided if possible. There are alot of medications that your Dr. can choose from in trying to help her function at her best.

    I know it is difficult. Are you keeping a daily journal of behaviors and activities (as well as medications)? It can be very valuable for the MD's and also for your family. Just writing down daily events sometimes clarify the issues and patterns so some form of adjustment can be also gives the Dr. actual documentation rather than just parental opinions. I suggest you start one right away. You won't regret it. Hugs DDD
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    Ok... talked to doctor yesterday. Right now we are using difficult child's peditrician for medicine. (Long story and health insurance issue). Apparently doctor put in diagnosis as 'mood disorder' and this is what came up, apparently sometimes the numbers are the same.

    doctor and I had a nice chit chat about difficult child's medications and her behaviors.. The doctor said she spoke to BioMom earlier and she had the opposite things to say about difficult child. No shocker there, we've always seen different behaviours from difficult child. doctor agrees with trying difficult child without the risperal now, and see what happens. This was the originial plan with her old psychiatrist as well, although BioMom is still pushing for Intuniv.

    DDD.... I am keeping a journal of sorts for difficult child. Its hard when because we have shared custody. Half the week she's at BioMom's.