Agenda from school for Buddy's difficult child core team meeting....thoughts?

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by buddy, Oct 28, 2011.

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    This is the agenda that just got sent to me for our "core team" meeting (not the IEP meetings we also hold, this is to specifically adress the bip and process--no changes to IEP ever, just methods/materials/training etc) We meet every 3 weeks....teacher, psychiatric, admin for sp ed, my Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) home psychologist always comes and advocates really well, me, sp. ed teacher/case manager, Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), Occupational Therapist (OT), DAPE teachers...and that is not the whole team that meets for the IEP! Really, if not for the admin, this is an awesome team. So after I sent an email and phoned the behavior team here is the agenda. You have read my posts, anything you would add??? I dont want to give away too much about hospital. right now...

    (I'm gonna cross post this under my update in general in case anyone has any ideas there....)

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    Is the behavior aide going to take care of admin problem? I'm glad to see you've gotten her back.
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    Well, I think they are saying they want her to drop in every once in a while to see if the other aides are doing what they should be doing. My guess, if that happens they will be "ON" and we will get nothing but, they are doing a great job... (I said last time I heard that, I know they try hard and that he is a challenge. I am just saying that telling him they are writing down everything he says and are going to give it to mr. sp. ed. administrator does not seem like part of the plan. that is an anxiety provoking threat which may stop a behavior for a minute but with the increased anxiety, everthing else falls apart--even at NO denying their data showing plan working until the day she left) So, we are probably going to still have to discuss this.