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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Kolleen, Jul 30, 2009.

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    I come and go now with long periods in between. Years ago was always venting about sonnyboy!!! He's 24 now and out of house again and for good - best thing I ever did. I try not to think about him. He only calls when he wants something [ $ ] anyway. When he said the other day that he may need a place to live i said don't come here! He repeated it 3 times, think he was in shock, and i just kept saying don't come here. Had been dreading that moment since fall when I'd gotten him out. It was slick as a whistle. I am helping him a bit with rent, he's unemployed, but I'm gonna cut him off soon. So more trauma to come i'm sure!!

    I have another issue now.

    Anyone know of a good site to vent and share about aging parents? Anybody here dealing with it? I'm the only daughter, and out of state. My 2 siblings are helping her. Hard to deal with the changes from a distance and not being able to help her with all the little things brothers don't bother with.
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    Hi, nice to see you. Just google caregivers message boards. I used to post on a couple of alzheimers boards but have long since lost those sites.
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    Hi Kolleen, I'm moving this to Watercooler since it's not difficult child-related.
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    Hey Kolleen,

    I just wanted to send some support as I know what you're going through with your aging parents living a distance away.

    My mom is 86 and her alzheimers is becoming increasingly worse - it's so upsetting. She lives in PA with my sister, who is not the most stable person. My other sister and I who live here in CT are trying to find a way to bring her here to live. She will have more of a support system in place and we'd worry less about the quality of care she's getting, but it's been slow going.

    Anyway, sending hugs.
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    Hello and nice to see you again.
    I have cared for aging father in my home for 3 yrs. I am presently caring for almost 82 yr old mom who is just a tad out of it due to hearing loss and 3 strokes. In between we assist where we can with in laws but they are still fairly capable between the two of them to manage on their own.

    I haven't been on any websites for care givers but probably should. Fortunately, since dad died I don't feel the same sort of pressure. I know there are several of us who care for elderly parents. It's almost a thankless job but for me it's the right thing to do.

    Hope you get some advice and support that will help you.