ahh... the sound of quiet... difficult child at church camp for a week

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    I hope she has a good time, the last two years she seemed to enjoy it, but never kept in touch with any one she met there. No one from our church was signed up for this week - the only week that fit our summer schedule. It is probably open to 20 or more churches in our state... so always a wide variety of kids.

    Would you believe she packed 20 various tops for the 6 days? It wasn't worth the argument to try to pare things back to a more reasonable amount. I did take out extra panties... who needs more than 10? I am hoping that she stops applying eye liner as it was practically dripping off while we got checked in.

    So this week will be just us and easy child. Then difficult child comes home on Saturday and easy child goes on Sunday next week. So actually, two quiet weeks, as difficult child is pretty good if easy child is not around. I don't know why, unless it is just typical difficult child behavior, but she is hyper sensitive to any thing easy child does. Just today, difficult child was singing, loudly, and I know I wasn't enjoying it, but I kept my mouth shut. 5 minutes later after difficult child stopped, easy child played 2 notes on the recorder instrument (flute like thingy) before difficult child is yelling at her to STOP IT! easy child has a little music box she likes that plays Eidelweiss, and you would think that difficult child is being tortured if she winds it up even once a day. Ditto for a stuffed animal that plays "You are my sunshine" when you squeeze it. We have to endure all the noises, music, and loud iPod of difficult child but she can't tolerate anything of easy child. So frustrating.

    On another note, we have been paying for private voice lessons for difficult child and she is singing wonderfully (if it is something the teacher worked with her on) and I have a video I uploaded to YouTube. Is it appropriate to post the link on this forum? She sang a solo last Sunday at church and did really well. I am glad that she is doing well and hopefully, this will boost her self confidence. SHe was also placed in a more elite choir at high school that is mostly for juniors and seniors. The 8th graders have to try out for the high school music teacher, who then decides which level choir they are placed in. I am happy she made it in the 2nd highest choir at her new high school KSM
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    Hope everyone has a wonderful time at camp and at home
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    Sounds great!
    My difficult child is at camp, too. A computer camp, this week. He did a better job packing this week, because there were a few mistakes last wk.
    Yes, the sounds of silence. Ahh, peace!