Ahhhh Lunesta

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by KFld, Mar 3, 2011.

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    Well after 3 nights of taking lunesta I'm feeling a bit better this morning. I was so exhausted the last few days I couldn't even type straight.

    So now I can give you a little update. I took difficult child to the courthouse on Tuesday to reopen his case. That was $60. The clerk gave us the paperwork to send in the $175 to motorvehicle to get his license back. I guess this goes from the court to the DMV electronically that he reopened the case. So on 3/21 he just has to go in and prove that he had insurance on the date of his accident, which we have and he'll get his license back in the mail. He thinks they may send it right away seeing he reopened the case and then if he doesn't appear again on the 21st they suspend it again. He's probably right because they make more money that way. It would be nice because he WILL show up on the 21st.

    His car still isn't running. His father told him it was probably the fuel pump and to try it, and if not it's the fuel pump relay. He's so angry with his father because he can fix any car and if he took two minutes to look at it, he could have told him what it was. So we ordered the fuel pump, put it in and it didn't start, so now we have to find the fuel pump relay and hope that works.

    In the meantime boyfriend and I are taking turns dropping him off at 4 and picking him up at midnight! He picked him up last night so I was able to take my lunesta and get a decent night sleep. I should be in much better shape to take my midnight drive tonight :)
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    I loved Lunesta. That little green moth rocks ;-) Ugh on the continuing car issues... hope you get a break soon!