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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by ML, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. ML

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    I missed Allison. Was she terrific? Allison and Adam are my favs. Danny's 3rd. Manster adores Allison too.

    Gotta fly to work now..
  2. eekysign

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    Agh! I missed it! I hope our DVR remembered to tape it for us - Tuesday night is Trivia Night at the bar we like to go to. This is gonna be a problem!
  3. SRL

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    I thought Allison wasn't her best last night. She sang "I Don't Want To Miss a Thing" which David Cook did so thoroughly convincingly last year that no one should have attempted for a few years. It was also a weird arrangement which seemed like it stopped suddenly before it was over. Strangely enough, Simon gave her the most glowing critique of her yet, saying he could see he going far into the competition. I think they're realizing that Kris, Matt, and Anoop are rather similar and that the show could really benefit from Allison sticking around for awhile.

    I thought Adam was superb with his Mad World last week but he did Born to be Wild this week and it was another one of those over the top performances that I personally didn't care for.

    I thought it was Anoop's best performance but I honestly couldn't tell you what he sang.

    I thought Lil was pretty bad and the rest weren't very memorable at all for me. Poor Lil--I think she's just in way over her head and having the judges rave for the early part of the show must make it all the harder. I think she's got some great pipes but it's evident she doesn't have a music background or performance experience and she isn't blossoming like some have in her shoes.

    It's still fun to watch but honestly I'm really missing the wide variety of personalities and level of performances from last year. Brooke, Jason, the Davids, etc. really brought some unique stuff to the stage on both accounts and this year just seems lacking in comparison. I don't know whether that's the people themselves or the way they've been handled and promoted and produced--maybe some of both.
  4. SRL

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    That save thing was weird for me last night. I thought the idea was to use it for someone who was a surprise elimination or who really showed promise of going the distance but was voted off early by a fluke (like Michael Johns). Matt didn't fit any of that criteria (definitely not a surprise) and will probably be off here the next week or two anyway.

    It just looked like they used it to use it. I wish they would have used it on Alexis.

    If Danny Gokey tanks during disco week (next theme) they'll be sorry!
  5. lizanne2

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    Good thougth. that save might be needed if Disco is just too wrong for somebody.

    However, some people do think Matt will be Number 2, not danny and not allison.
  6. eekysign

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    I hated Adam's version of Born to be Wild. I don't think anyone really stood out this week, but oh LORD was Adam's bad, in my eyes. Worst of the bunch - I didn't really "love" anyone's, but his I actually disliked.

    Admittedly, I don't like his style - too much falsetto, and not creatively, just falsetto all the flippin' time. After this week's attempt at "less falsetto", I see why. I must be missing something, considering how much the judges and fans love him! Hehehe.
  7. Suz

    Suz (the future) MRS. GERE

    Yeah, this was a weird week, that's for sure.

    Allison's lisp is bugging me. I didn't think she did well at all this week.

    Adam is.........well, Adam. I can admit that he's talented but I'd never buy his cd.

    My two favorites are still Kris and Danny, probably because I tend to love their song choices and their singing style. I would buy both of their cds.

  8. SRL

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    I'm thinking that they might have had a very short list to work from and/or the producers were pushing them to do certain songs. Of all the movie songs in the world, I can't imagine that "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" was at the top of Allison's list. There were a zillion song possibilities.

    I downloaded Allison's and Anoop's from itunes. Allison's was a zillion times better than the live performance, although the strings were way too loud and off balance at times. And I still can't remember what Anoop sang.

    Disco next week. Now that should be interesting!