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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by KFld, Apr 12, 2011.

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    My girlfriend and I attended the 21st anniversary meeting of the Monday night parent meetings in our town last night. There were a few speakers there and one was a young girl who has been clean and sober for a year. She told of her experience and her recovery process. It was very hopeful. There were quite a few attendees in the audience (not sure what else to call it) who were there for their parents who have been clean and sober for many years.

    It was nice to hear them speak, and some of the parents who have been very successful in getting their lives back through alanon. I'm glad I went :)

    I'm not sure if I could ever really get into the 12 steps, sponsor, etc., but for now, the involvement I have works for me and keeps me sane :)
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    Like I told you before Karen I am so jealous that you found such a good group. I am still searching. by the way my difficult child sent us a letter yesterday and said she got a sponsor, a 27 year old who got sober at 17 and has been sober for ten years. She said she really likes her. I am hoping this sponsor is more active than her last one who never called her or did anything with her.

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    An active sponsor is a my opinion they make a huge difference.

    A really good al-anon group is awesome. I went to one in my hometown for about a year, then moved, never did find one to measure up to that one again. I think I got spoiled. But I got more from the book they gave us than the meetings I went to the meetings because a friend of mine (not bff) was doing AA and I was her support and transport to the meetings. That book helped me not just with her, but so much with myself and my relationships with other people it was amazing. I wish I still had it, there are times when it's applicable to difficult children in general and would be nice to have.
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    I can't say the group I found is really that great. I went years back and found it vey clickly. When I first starting going back I thought it had really changed, but after a few weeks the same people from years back were still there and you almost feel like this is there meeting and you are fortunate to be there. I like the speakers and I read the one day at a time in alanon daily. I'm going to keep going and give it the time they suggest you do, but if I don't find it any more welcoming after awhile I will once again take the tools I learned, apply them daily and keep reading my book.

    Like they say, take what you like and leave the rest, so I guess I really have to practice that one when I go.