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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Apr 7, 2011.

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    Years ago I discovered TrueLemon and TrueLime packets. It is crystallized lemon or lime juice sold in packets like salt or pepper and also in a shaker. I have used this in tea, cooking, etc... for a long time. It gives a MUCH fresher lemon flavor than bottled juice and is really easy to carry around.

    I have struggled for YEARS to find low or no cal drinks that I like and that have no artificial coloring or sweeteners. Like my thank you, I cannot handle ANY aspartame or sucralose - I end up wheezing.

    Now the people who make TrueLemon have a drink mix!!!!!!! It has no calories, tastes wonderful and is very lightly sweetened with stevia! I got the orange flavor drink mix to try, and it is awesome!!! Now I want to try the lemonade and raspberry lemonade!! These come in those stick packets that you just dump into a water bottle.

    To find out more, go to Walmart carries the drink mix but not the packets of just dried lemon or lime (they are fantastic in cooking - just one packet in any non-chocolate baked good gives a super fresh taste with-o a real lemon taste).

    The website has a store where you can buy all the products online and right now if you buy $10 worth of product you get 1 32ct pack of lemon, lime or orange and $2.95 shipping.
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    Definitely going to have to try them!! I use the sugar free Hawaiian Punch flavors. I cannot drink plain water and LOVE kool-aid. :)
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    I have the lime packets, but haven't been that thrilled with them. I haven't seen the lemon. I will look for the drinks tho. I've been buying the Vitamin Water...the zero ones for me and the regular ones for the kids, because there is no corn syrup or food coloring. It was great about ten days ago. Mighty Mouse had a fever of 104. Kids hate to drink anything when they are sick, but my kids love Vitamin Water. It was like giving him Gatorade (which I don't give, because of the food coloring). He drank it up. They are perfect to keep for when the kids are sick and after they have a soccer game. Love them!