Allergic Reaction Evaluator

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    I saw an ad online for this allergic emergency evaluator ( ) and thought it might be helpful for someone.

    It is pretty basic, but if you are new to allergies and/or are trying to tease out all the contributing factors to the problems of a difficult child, it might be helpful.

    You check each item your child reacts to from a list and then check each symptom of the reaction on the next page. Then it tells you to print it and talk to your doctor.

    The reason it might be useful is because it gives some prompting to help you remember all of the facets of the reaction. For example if Timmy has a hard time breathing if he eats peanuts, his mom and dad might forget to tell the doctor that he also says his mouth is tingly and his cheeks get bright red. This thingy would help you remember those things.

    Just thought it might help someone with a doctor visit or with a Parent Report.
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    It sounds like a useful tool. The dr would probably prefer something like this handed to them, too.