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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ML, Feb 10, 2009.

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    Poor manster. He had his back pricked 45 times to see what he was allergic to, which I already knew "EVERYTHING" in the environment. He will need to avoid soy and corn which is in a lot of stuff. His entire back blended into one welt.

    We start allergy shots soon. He feels good about it because it was either get rid of the cat or take shots. He loves that cat.

    The allergy doctor said that possibly with the shots the hyperactivity will improve when his entire body isn't reacting to what it perceives as attacking it.

    The nurse was awesome. He had this done when he was 4 and has bad memories of it and even developed his needle phobia about that time (they also did regular shots). This nurse kept saying "manster a lot of kids your age wouldn't be doing this well, you should be very proud". He grinned, just loved the praise.

    So once a week for the next 4 years. Just a *little* committment. At least the office is very close to the house.

    Thanks for listening.

  2. tiredmommy

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    I'm glad Manster did so well especially with a needle phobia. Duckie received 56 shots in one day during testing. It was horrible. She did seem a lot calmer while receiving her biweekly allergy shots.
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    Ugh, yeah, B had to do this when he was little. Up one arm down the other, and it itched LOL! Poor kiddo.

    Poor Manster. Cool he did so great though!!
  4. ML

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    Ladies did the shots work for your kids?
  5. tiredmommy

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    Duckie tested positive for every food and inhalant allergy tested. The shots didn't really help her inhalant allergies but she's now only borderline allergic to soy. No other food problems.
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    Glad he did well. thank you and I had 75 shots each when we had our allergy tests the same day. I reacted to nothing and he reacted to many things.

    I hope the allergy shots help. We did them for a year, then I cancelled them. They didn't help at ALL and it took 2 hours to get them done. The allergist wouldn't let my sister in law, who is a nurse, administer them at home. And the ONLY doctor office in our town who does them gives them between 9 and 2 on T, W, and Th ONLY. You can't even get them if you are in for something else to see the doctor.

    The kids were missing too much school and getting too little benefit. So...

    But I hope Manster has wonderful results. He must love that cat. Tell him that the shots are given with little tiny thin needles - several times thank you or Wiz would be talking and not realize they even had the shot!
  7. ML

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    Thanks TM and SS. :)
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    Oh, gosh- that is an awful lot of shots. I'm sorry my "nephew" has to go thru this. :( I wonder though if having allergies that bad is effecting his sleep and keeping him a little on the hyper side? Did she clarify how the treatment could help hyperactivity?

    Well, give him a pat on the back from me- he's a real trooper for going thru that so he can keep his cat!!
  9. ML

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    Thanks KLMNO. Just that his body is constantly reacting to what it perceives as hostile and in a state of shock. When his body can relax a little, maybe his brain will too. Here's hoping! Hugs, ML