Almost 4 year old behaviour/impulse issues

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    Im new here and was wondering if you could please point me in the right direction. I have seen my health nurse and she thinks all is 'normal' but I'm not so sure.
    My son will be 4 next month. He is bright, very affectionate and loves his cars, bike and general out door play (loves the park).
    He is VERY impulsive around other kids, especially at daycare.
    He will snatch objects off other kids, throw sand, knock other kids building blocks over, snatch and destroy things (eg, a paper plane).
    His daycare teachers are fantastic and talk to him about feelings and why he has to stop etc.
    Apparently my son is genuinely sorry, has no reason for his behavior, but then 10min later he will do it again.
    He is funny, likable has made some great friends.
    I have no idea why he is so impulsive and hurts other children for no reason.
    Who should I speak to?
    Do we need help?

    Thanks for reading.
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    Hi and welcome.

    Can you tell us a little more about your son's background?
    What was he like as a baby and toddler?
    Is he your child, or adopted?
    What kinds of challenges and issues run on both sides of his family tree? (lots of dxes have a genetic component)
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    Hi, thanks for your reply.
    No issues/Challenges run in the family that I'm aware of.
    He is our conceived child, my husband and I are still together.
    Ds is a real mummies boy and has always loved being around me.
    When he turned 12m I retuned to work part time.
    He has always been with grandma and daycare.
    At around 26m the random pushing of other children began. Not long after he started to randomly throw toys at other kids and hit them.
    When he was 2.5yrs I had another baby boy and shortly after my father passed away, so he may have picked up on that stress.
    The random throwing of toys and pushing other kids has stoped (throwing of toys awhile ago, pushing just recently)
    Last week he had a great week at kinder, only a couple of incidents and does stop when the teacher tells him too. This week a lot of kids returned from school holidays, so maybe that's why he had an unusually bad day after such a good week. (he only attends two days per week).
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    What country do you live in?

    No, its not normal.
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