Almost kissed the social worker

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, Mar 27, 2012.

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    We had our family therapy with Eeyore in PHP. The SW told him that he could not blame his family, his teachers or his peers for his feelings nor his actions. She insisted that he take ownership of his own emotions and actions. I almost fell off my chair. YEARS of family therapy with Kanga and I was so use to being told how I had to change to avoid triggering the 'poor child'. I was so pleasantly stunned.
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    I want that SW!!!!!

    OMG how awesome!

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    More than that... this has GOT to be good for E!
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    HUGE SMILE. I tell Q this every single day. (I hit you because I was frustrated. It's your fault that I am frustrated because if you just let me do what I want then I wont get mad...on and on and on....)

    I love it when someone else says it to them. For Q anyway, he will say things like "even my teacher said that I can't do that mom" or the kids told me you are right mom, etc. Everyone has more credibility than I!

    Think he heard her?
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    That is great! :hi5:
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    That is awesome!
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    That's wonderful!
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    I love when people do that!! Do you think that it actually sunk in?
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    Wow! She is a keeper. Hopefully Eeyore heard is as well as you did.
  11. JJJ

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    This PHP allows the kids to leave on their own if they have parental permission (parking is a nightmare at this hospital and it is much easier to have the kid meet you in the pick-up lane), Eeyore started to leave PHP and he was all excited that tomorrow is his last day. Then he stopped, went back and asked the charge nurse "am I really getting discharged tomorrow or did I make that up?" lol. It seems like he can be taught!!
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    I also got him an intake interview at the same Autism Clinic that diagnosis Tigger. I'm hoping that they have a social skills group that will fit him. Based on my discussion with the doctor, I think he'll fit in their highest group (fingers crossed). We'll have to pay for it out of pocket but it isn't too bad (just $20/week).
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    JJJ - sounds like you're on a ROLL!
    (in a positive direction...)