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    I am finally starting to relax and not feel like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. I am getting ready to happily mail the third check in. I was talking to husband yesterday and we were saying how we had seriously thought she was going to see the A hole in jail that night and then end up taking off from rehab. We are both shocked (and happy) that she is still there and still flourishing. I told him that as long as she was still in treatment, I was planning on having her here for Thanksgiving and he was all on board and said that would be the real test - the two of them interacting...

    She had called this weekend and asked if I would take her to see A hole on Sunday and I said sorry, no. I planned on relaxing and watching football. Normally, that would have caused a major attitude and an argument. But, she accepted the answer and moved on in the conversation!!! That in itself was amazing. LOL.

    I even got a little excited this weekend and picked up a Christmas gift to store away... I saw a pair of boots that I know difficult child would love. I know I need to be super cautious still, but I am very hopeful and looking forward optimistically. :)

    So here is a nice two week update. After tomorrow she will have 21 days of sobriety...
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    That is huge. Every day is huge! I'm so happy for her and for you, and I look forward to more reports like this. Have a wonderful week!
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    That is really good news. Every day sober is one day closer to a lifetime of sobriety. Keeping her and you in my toughts. Love to hear these updates.

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    21 days of sobriety is such a long time for her and such a good sign. I am so happy for you and glad that you are not waiting for the 'other shoe to drop.' Wonderful news!
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    My only fear is A hole getting out of jail. I wonder if there is any way to contact the DA and plead that he be held for a VERY long time? The longer he is out of the picture, the better off she is....
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    Wonderful news. Hoping you have an amazing Thanksgiving!
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    21 days is a huge milestone. That is wonderful. I hope a-hole is out of the picture for a long while so she can focus on staying sober. Hugs to you.
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    Terrific. I'm rooting for her and sending hugs to you. DDD
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    difficult child called me before her meeting today and admitted she got into trouble this week for having an attitude. She got into a tiff with one of the girls there and they each called each other a name. I didn't get more details because she was about to go into her meeting and told me she would call me after it was over. She said she also had a bad night last night and snapped at someone.

    But - the positive? She admitted it and owned it. That is new. Usually it is always some one else's fault.

    But of course now I am worried she will end up getting tossed out for having an attitude. Which would be so incredibly awful considering the progress she is making. The realist in me, though, is thinking this has to be normal there. They have six to seven women sharing an apartment - surely there is conflict?? Isn't part of being there learning how to deal with conflict while sober?

    So, trying not to worry about it too much and letting her deal with her own problems. But we all know how easy it is to worry..... :(
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    If you're going to sit in the rocking chair and worry, then you're better off to put your worries on the floor, and crunch them up with the rails of the rocking chair... <wink>

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    It doesn't surprise me. At about the two week mark they are feeling a bit antsy and often crabby because their bodies are used to a certain high feeling and it's going through all kinds of changes now. They don't know how to handle feelings and disagreements without drugs and so our difficult child's do what they do, they get an attitude, the same they do with us.

    I know it's worrisome but I'm sure she will not get kicked out for attitude, they are very use to that. Usually the only condition for getting kicked out is using.

    I hope she gets back on track and feels better ater her meeting.
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    LOL - LOVE that!!!! I have two rocking chairs on my front porch, too. :)

    She just called and oh my, got more details.

    Their repurcussions there are writing essays. She has to write a 500 word essay on humility, one on respecting staff members, and another one (can't remember on what but there were three of them). And this one I love, her and her roomates each have to ask a 100 questions about each other. And she is not complaining about doing any of them! She said the questions one is hard because no one is home right now and they need to turn it in tonight. I told her looks like they need to have a pow wow when everyone gets home. :)

    But what I did not want to hear is that after her melt down last night the director told her she was discharging her. difficult child went and packed up her things and then the director wouldn't let her leave. Four people were discharged last night, though. One tried overdosing on Tylenol(??) and went to the hospital, another one was discharged for using synthetics and her boyfriend left with her and another asked to be discharged.

    That one worried me but seriously, listening to how difficult child is dealing with all of this, it is amazing. It is so mature. She owns the problem and is making amends. She went to two meetings today on her own!!! I am so beyond proud of her!! I told her she is doing so well and she said she knows. :) Wow. Just wow. It still feels like a dream. I am so afraid I am going to wake up and none of it is true.
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    She sounds like she is doing ok. This is great. Maybe she hit that rock bottom and is really ready to move forward.
    It is good to see some hope in your posts. Hugs!
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    Thank you!! husband told me to go get her some more clothes today. She only had the clothes on her back when she went in. I bought her some at Goodwill but now that we see she is staying put, we are going to get her some more basics. And husband wants to see her!! He was going to come with me, but can't stand shopping, and difficult child is like me and takes her time. So I am going to go get her, take her shopping, and then back here for dinner before I bring her back.

    Wish me luck!! This will be the real test - her and husband interacting.... We haven't all sat together and had a meal together in years! But, I feel it is very important to show her that she is loved and.wanted. We just won't tolerate nor support her on drugs.
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    I wish you luck! I hope you enjoy the shopping with your girl. I always enjoy this even with difficult child!
    I hope you all being together is nice. She does need to see your support when she is doing well.
    i hope husband finds it a rewarding thing....then he will do it again. I hope difficult child is on her best so this happens. ((((Hugs))) PG
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    Such good news, I hope you have a warm and very loving dinner this evening............and fun shopping too!
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    yeahh!!!!! Good news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I hope you have a nice day with your difficult child. I love those days when it feels like everything is like normal again.