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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Shari, May 19, 2008.

  1. Shari

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    Along the safety line...the car seat thread and warming weather reminded me of this.

    Wee difficult child is tiny for his weight. He is solid muscle. He weighs nearly 60 pounds but is no where close to 4ft tall. On the height/weight charts, he's 95th percentile in weight and 30th in height or something like that. He's 6 years old and wears 4T and 4 clothes.

    He exceeds the weight limit on his life jacket by nearly 15 pounds, but the next size up is too large to stay on him. I've dug trying to find something to fit him and his weight, but no luck. Any ideas?
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    I have no idea if these would work but have you seen those swim suit things in Walmart that have life jackets built in them? Basically they look like a bodysuit with two pieces of foam (front and back) and the kid is a sandwich. There is no way a kid is going under in one of them.
  3. Shari

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    He exceeds the weight limit on those, too.
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    Our YMCA has something I had never seen before. I'll see if I can find out what it is. Might be helpful.
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    I know you said you've been searching & I'm sure you've tried many links. & has quite a few varieties/selections. I'll still see if I can find out what the YMCA uses though.
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    Just brainstorming...

    I wonder if you could speak to the manufacturers directly.
    They might be able to point you to one of their products that fits your requirement, or they might know of a different manufacturer that can if they can't.

    We've had to do this sort of thing for (not so very) Little easy child, and for husband who is just a giant of a man, even when down to fighting trim. We have spoken to a number of manufacturers who give us details about weight testing, and what products can really withstand under testing and real-life conditions.

    Hope this helps,
    (Coming from the Family of Oddly-Sized People, I do feel your pain)
  7. WhymeMom?

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    I would think his weight would be important to have covered. Maybe check out kayaking lifejackets......they are shorter and you might find some with straps that go through the legs...Would also look at women's lifejackets. What is he using the jacket for? If its just for flotation (not skiing or wakeboarding) I know you can get shorter jackets from Barts......and the wetsuits might be tight enough since they usually stretch over the body......good luck with your search.....I do think it is important to go by his weight unless he is a very strong swimmer.....and most are not at 6 years old.......
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  9. Shari

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    Thanks, TM. I'm checking that out, now. If nothing else, I can at least contact the company, I see they have info there.

    I understand companies have to sell enuf product to make ends meet, but can't there just be one company out there that caters to those who don't fit the normal molds? You know, like for Trinity's hubby, and my difficult child who appears to be a chunk of size 4T lead...

    (by the way - I laugh at the diaper commercial that has the lady playing on the playground with a says "Is your baby a brick?" Makes me laugh, cause, matter of fact, mine is. Brick ****house, too be exact.)