Already has IEP - want add'l evaluation(s)

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by Jules71, Nov 3, 2012.

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    I seem to have forgotten this - difficult child got an IEP in Kindergarten. He has also had a 3 year re-evaluation (he is in 5th grade now). Can I ask to have him re-evaluated in a specific area at any time? We are at a new school this year so different staff may evaluate him differently. He has diagnosis of ADHD and ODD but am wondering about his receptive and expressive language. Can I ask them to evaluate him again in that area?
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    You can always ask for re-evaluations. They may try to get you to wait until the next 3-year evaluation but because you are in a different school and they did not do any of the other evaluations, you can tell them you want to move it up OR that things are different enough here that you want a re-evaluation in certain areas.
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    Ok thanks TeDo!
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    Q's was done 1.5 years ahead of schedule. I had written a request for a new FBA ( this was before needing the advocate and before psycho was involved ) and they said they preferred to do it all. I thought that was a waste of.time because there'd be no new info that didn't already come from daily school data and it.meant disrupting his school day which would mean the fba would be harder to get accurate data from. I compromised. They did the fba the first two weeks and wasted time the next too. but I think now psycho was at work even back then. He thought I'd be shocked at low he was...thought he should be DVD and of course mr know it all had to admit he qualified just as he alway solidly had...on the autism spectrum, and duh, I already knew he functioned lower than his IQ suggested. Still

    Sorry for the vent, lol but point is of course you can request and if I had it to do again I'd only agree to what I knew we needed.