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    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    This day has stunk from the moment it started. Actually, before it started.
    easy child 2, the coddled child she is (and the brooms say difficult child is spoiled) was "tired and her throat kinda hurt" when she woke up, so she didn't go to school Wed and granny rushed her to the doctor and tested her for mono, even tho by the time she got to the doctor she felt fine. After the doctor, they went out to eat, then went shopping at walmart and bought a new video game! And she was fine to come to dad's Wed night and run around and make crafts, and we couldn't get her to bed, finally yelled at her and made her go to bed at 10:45 (leaving a HUGE mess for me to clean up cause she was dawdling around avoiding bed). Then dind't want to go to school Thursday cause her "tummy hurt a little and kinda tired" (yet she bought and inhaled a bacon egg and cheese croissant at the gas station on the way taking difficult child to school before I dumped her at granny's). Even if she has mono, she wasn't sick enough to stay home either day. That whole situation just irks me.
    Then, I figured our taxes last night. I make more than husband. I figured up our expenses, which, I pay. The expenses consume far more than the difference between our incomes. And my "disposable" income left after the fixed expenses pays for 4 people's expenses, not just mine. husband just pays for himself and child support. So that had me ticked off. In fact, I woke up in the night wondering if husband "gives" me enough to offset the hassle his family causes. Yikes.
    Then I got to work. Its been a crazy month betwen being sick (only out 1 day for that) and difficult child's school situation. I use FMLA for my time off, and I have literally spent ALL DAY reporting my time to all the various and assundry people I must report to. I have other stuff that needs to be done, and I'm doing that carp-ola.
    I decided a while back to find new homes for our salt water fish. The big boys, who helped take care of it, are gone. easy child 2 isn't interested, and difficult child 2 is just too little. So I posted an ad on Freecycle. It reads "Offer: Saltwater Fish: I have a marine fish tank and I just don't have time to take care of it anymore, so the inhabitants need to find new homes. " A ton of people replied. One lady replied and said she was a disabled home bound woman, she wanted the tank, and will come pick it up tonight. Some other people had asked to buy the tank, so I replied to this woman the same as I had replied to others that asked to buy the tank. My offer was for fish, but I would consider selling the whole setup for $X. She turned me in for "soliciting on freecycle", and I got a call and am now banned nationally from freecycle.
    Straw that broke the camel's back. So petty, but I'm tired of petty. So glad its Friday.
    (Oh, and easy child 2 made an HUGE DEAL about the blood draw for the mono test. The same blood draw wee difficult child had on Wed last week and the same blood draw I had on Wed the week before. But she went into grave detail to her father about the "hospital stay" and the "iv" she was just too much.)
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    Bartender! A double strawberry margarita for my lovely friend Shari! She is SO done with this day/week/month! Here's to less carp in February!
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    Hope the weekend is more peaceful!
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    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    To top off my Friday, I was freezing all the way home and finally checked my temp, and yup, another fever. UGH! I thought once the fever broke with mono, you *just* had the tired achey carp to deal with; I didn't think the fever came back! But anyway...

    I got difficult child's medications, picked up easy child (who does NOT have mono - thank G*d, or they'd be burning me at the stake right now...), and came home and turned it all over to husband. I laid in bed and woke up much better today.

    Thanks for the drink, gcv; I needed it!

    I spent today (appropriately the last day of THIS _______ MONTH) with the Brooms. easy child 2 wore a pair of her new jeans that her other grandma bought. They look to be at least a size too big, and she wears them under her belly, so her crack shows in back, and Two Brooms told husband she hates when we let her show up dressed like a street person. So when she stopped at a nice western clothing store, I tried to get easy child 2 to look at jeans. She wanted to get a pair of 20X jeans ($52) and I actually would have got them, but she adamantly refused to try them on. No way was I paying that for jeans that *might* fit. I made sure to have much of the conversation in front of Two Brooms. Teehee.

    Oh, and wee difficult child spent about 40 miles of the trip saying he was hungry (he started, literally, 2 miles from our house, after he'd eaten a chicken leg, potatoes, and biscuit). husband and I were making him wait til a certain point in the trip. It about killed Two Brooms...she pointed out every eating place and convenience store we passed, wanting us to stop and feed him. And SHE says I cave????

    Despite the company, I enjoyed the day and came home exhausted. easy child 2 is not playing the sick role and is quite enjoyable. difficult child has had a easy child weekend so far.

    And the weather was nice. LOL