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Well, I am not sure where to begin other than I am at a total loss. I am a single mother with 3 children. I have 2 PCs and 1 difficult child. My difficult child is 8 yrs old and is having a very hard time this spring. Not quite sure why this year is any different then the past 7 but, hey what can you do. We go circles in this house with my difficult child as the ring leader. I am at a loss as where to go, with nowhere to turn. The dad has now decided to question every decision I have ever made and wants answers to his questions that I have never had answered for me. Sorry that this seems like all I am doing is venting, just really lost as where to go from here.


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Hi, welcome to this wonderful place. You have found a place to vent, scream, cry and laugh with people who KNOW what you mean when you say you want to run away (like I do right now ;) ).

I am kinda at a loss with my difficult child right now so I am not much help. Just wanted to welcome you and offer understanding hugs!

Hugs of welcome, Vickie


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Hi! Welcome to the crowd!

Are you completely comfortable with the ADHD/ODD diagnosis? The reason I ask is that until my difficult child 1 hit 7, they wouldn't delve in any further. I went and got a neuropsychologist evaluation done (you can get them at a Children's or Teaching hospital) and it turns out he's got Aspergers Syndrome. It turns out that ADHD/ODD were more like symptoms rather than diagnosis'.

Others will come along and ask a bunch of questions. They're not being nosy, their just trying to help you get to the bottom of things.

Again, welcome! We're a bunch a good eggs (some of us are cracked, but still good!)~



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I have fought the ADD/ODD diagnosis for the past 4 years. He just had another round of testing and got the same answers that we got last time. I am not happy with it, but don't know where to go for anything else. Do you have to have a referral to go to the others?


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In my limited experience, when I see Depakote and Risperdal in combination, I read Mood Disorder. And FWIW, stimulant medications can make mood disorder symptoms WORSE. We have first-hand experience with that! Who did the various rounds of testing in the past?

If your insurance requires a referral, then talk to your primary care doctor about sending you to a neuropsychologist. I found the two I've used through our local children's hospital. If you have a PPO, you probably can just self-refer and make the appointment directly. That's what I've done in the past.


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I just wanted to take the chance to say hi to all of you. I have just found the forum on my google search. Hope that I will gather important information, get support if I need it, can help others... I think it is very important to support each other. I am definitely looking forward to post in this forum.


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I'm glad you've found us and sorry that you needed to look for a group like this.

There is always someone here who understands.