Alternative school a no go

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    for difficult child. difficult child's Special Education. case manager took her visitation day to visit the program they were thinking might be a good fit for difficult child. She called me after work today to let me know she didn't think it would be a good environment for difficult child. She said there were many ED children there but none with the cognitive issues that difficult child faces. She felt that they and we would start to see behaviors magnified in difficult child.

    She said the principal is checking with someone at the district level to see if anything else is available. I'm not overly optimistic.

    The spec. ed teacher and I were talking (off the record one teacher to another) and we both agree that our sd doesn't offer much for mentally ill children.

    Back to the drawing board.

    Oh and you should see the hw that difficult child did last night-he was very proud of it-he started it on his own. For one of his classes he had to write a letter to someone-I'm not sure of the exact requirements of the assignment. He never does homework and this is what he wrote (dictated to me):

    Dear Dad,
    I am writing to you because I want to do better in writing. I will try to do better in the house. I am ging to do better in Social Studies and Science with Mr. X and Ms. D.

    I would like to do better in Math and Reading because I think it will help my future for when I get a job. I also am going to do better with my speaking.

    I hope I can do better at work and computers. Thank you for reading this.

    difficult child

    I almost cried as he was dictating this to me. He really does want to do well.
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    Wow. This sounds so familiar. Are yo uin my district???

    I hope they can find him a placement. Its heartening, tho, at 12, that he's still trying so hard.

    Hugs to you both.
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    Well I'm impressed- difficult child or not, not many 12yo boys would write that!

    I'm sorry about the alternative school but it sounds like it's a godsend he wasn't sent. They proposed that for my son once when he was getting in trouble a lot but everyone told me that the ones being proposed were for major behavior issues and that it would make difficult child worse, for minimal education. As you know, there are many types so if this is what they were considering for your son, I agree that he's better off not going. It would appear to me that if they don't have a more appropriate placement for him, then they just need to get someone in his current school to provide whatever it is they think he would get there- an aid or more specialized Special Education teacher or counselor or something.

    I'm sorry it's getting strung out longer for you though. I can't imagine the stress from this roller-coaster ride.
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    what a sweetie - he has such a gentle side...

    I'm glad she went over for a visit and found it was not the right place for difficult child. Hopefully "back to the drawing board" will mean finding a better fit for difficult child.

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    I love difficult children letter, Sharon. As to SD ~ they best start looking a bit harder. There's that nasty FAPE thing bedeviling them. AND it's not difficult child ~ I expect in the city you live in there's more than just difficult child who's floundering.

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    Shari-It is nice to hear that he still wants to learn. I think he gets so frustrated so much of the time because everything is so difficult for him.

    K-I agree it's a good thing they didn't end up sending him to an environment that would do more harm than good. Teachers only get 1 visitation day a year so I was especially impressed that she took hers to check things out for difficult child. I agree-wish they could get more of a 1 on 1-it's so frustrating because in our district is nearly impossible to get a 1 on 1.

    Sharon-He does have a gentle side. I too am hoping that "back to the drawing board" will result in a better outcome for difficult child.

    Linda-I agree there are others floundering as well. I do have to say, working in the district, that I am impressed with what they are trying to do to help difficult child. They are searching. That being said, I know, just trying isn't necessarily enough.